DXM trip report [Live Updates]

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    Alright, this is around my 120th time doing DXM. Im looking to have a 'spiritual awakening' or something of the sort, ive been feeling out of place lately.

    If you could post some links to some good music/videos for this that would be great. Enjoy!

    0:00 I take 240mg of DXM

    0:10 i take another 120mg (360 mg total)

    0:20 i take my last dosage of 120mg (480mg total)

    0:37 im getting ready for the trip, i set up an oil projector in my room, excited for the trip.

    0:48 im starting to feel like ive been in the ocean all day, my body (mostly legs) feel like there in a mini current. Feels great!

    0:56 the ocean feeling has stopped, my legs just feel overly warm but euphoric, the trip should kick in within 20 minutes.

    1:10 Music sounds a bit better, not much of an effect yet, my whole body feels warm, like imm wrapped in a blanket. Im going to go get a drink, ill let you know how that goes.

    1:14 It went fine, felt a little dizzy. Im going out side to smoke a newport. Ill be back.

    1:16 feeling a bit nauseous, ill wait on the newport. Any music suggestions?

    1:20 its getting hard to read, i can only read like one or two words at a time, so i read very slow.
    My face feels a tiny bit sunburnt, and im starting to get that DXM cotton mouth.

    1:25 Starting to feel a bit nauseous and cold, im going to have to start writing the time, i have a little sense of time, but not much. right now its 12:32 am

    1:35 I feel like i have low blood sugar, (legs weak,and tired). I just ate an apple and am considering eating a twinkie.

    So i have a question for you, should i eat the twinkie or do you think it will make me throw up (im trying to avoid that)

    1:45 Were is my trip?? im feeling slight effects, but not many. it feels like my face is a balloon, mostly my forehead though. Im going to watch some family guy on hulu to kill some time, ill let you know if anything changes (P.S Im eating the twinkie).

    2:05 the trip is finally starting to kick in, going out for the newport now.

    2:25 wtf? were is my trip?!?! i have some effects but not much. Well that was the most relaxing cigarette of my life! God damn! why wont it fully kick in yet??

    2:45 wow, its been 20 minutes since last post? shit. Well i feel pretty weird, but not like a full blown DXM trip usually feels. Going to listen to some music, if im not peaking within an hour im closing the thread.

    2:50 just hit me like a fucking train. I put on Lucy in the sky with diamonds, closed my eyes and BAM! i can feel the music.

    To all that are say that this is not a high dose, i am a very small person, this is a high 3rd plateau for my weight/hieght

    2:57 listening to Happy Pills by Younger Brother, while staring at my oil lamp, fucking awsome.

    3:07 listening to 'is this love' by bob marley, what a fantastic song. My keyboard seems so far away. im almost to peak.

    3:15 i love trippy vids, they make me imagine crazy stuff, any links?

    3:20 Watching youtube videos on yooouuutuuube.com
    feeling like i might throw up.

    3:35 i can barley type or concentrte, didnt throw up **knock on wood**
    whatever i focus on is all i can see, for example i can only see my keyboard rightnow

    3:45 listened to break on through to the other side by the doors. It was amazing, i cant even look at the key board and the screen at the same time.

    3:50 i had a powerfull insight, except i dont remember what it was FUCK!
    Im going to listen to sky high by dj zany

    4:08 just listened to mr carter. This brings back (recent) memorys of highschool and my cooking teacher. i feel like im on a farris weel.

    4:20 (haha) found my niche in life, going to enjoy the rest of the trip.
    I will keep you guys updated in what im doing.

    13:00 Just woke up, dont remember much from last night, but whatever, what i do remember was fun. i have a small afterglow, i feel kinda stoned/drunk and my voice sounds really weird.
  2. Hey man, I'll be keeping a close watch to this thread I'm going to try DXM next week so let me know what's up with you. I know you'll probably get to fucked up to talk though! :)
  3. Good luck on your trip!

    Yah, i hope i can type the entire time.

    Also, i will be posting the updates by editing my original post, so just keep checking in.
  4. Alright, GOOD LUCK on yours too bro. Go to outerspace :hippie:
  5. interested in what happens.. keep us posted
  6. just from seeing all these dxm trip reports, im thinking about doin it one more time, whats the best thing to get?

  7. This^
  8. i was in a tree when i had a spiritual experience that changed me forever...and the other time i was in my car listening to hendrix..i think its a dumb drug to do often but damn it there is something to it worth exploring . i'm all over this thread hope goes well
  9. I love Hendrix, im glad you mentioned that, im going to listen to some when it kicks in.
    Any songs in particular?
  10. Are You Experienced (whole album) gave me the single most mindblowing experience. i remember listening to EXP, the weird ass feedback sounds one and then leading into....damn i cant remember the name of it.. i'll try to find it.. but that shit was AWESOME on oddly enough 480mgs dxm (via ccc's though) and one hit of weed. i felt like i was on the greatest stage of all striaght up godly experience, playing guitar with jimi note for note.. i want to say it was Power to Love but i get to go check on it now for u

  11. LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS. I always listen to that shit when I'm high it's just awesome and watch the youtube version if you can the one from yellow submarine really really trippy
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  13. I dont think you can do html here, just put the link to the youtube video in it and it automatically embeds it for you.

    No im not fully up yet, (i dont know why, its been almost 2 hours). Just keep checking the original post (#1) ill be editing it to show how im doing.
  14. newport niice. sounds like a grand idea.
  15. dude 480 mg total wont get you an "enlightening experience". Its fun non the less, just wont get you that tripped out. I wont give dosage advice but go on erowid and look it up.

  16. Well, its a third plateau trip (a high one with my height and weight, as i am very a small person). Anything above 3rd plateau you wont remember much of (if anything).
  17. holy shit im listening to that right now!
  18. gona have to disagree with you there, sir. it is possible it has happened to me, granted i did take one big ass hit of some good bud on top of it, but it was precisely 480mgs that gave me an experience that really eventually turned me around for the better
  19. ill be honest man
    i dont think you took enough
    i took 900mg my FIRST time(5oz of delsym)
    and didnt even trip hard

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