DXM.....take the whole bottle?

Discussion in 'General' started by LS1KILR, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I just went out and bought a bottle of Robitussin long lasting cough gels. The only ingrediant is DXM and they are 15mg each. This is my first time taking them there are 20 in the bottle should I just take the whole thing?
  2. it says non-narcotic on the bottle.....does that mean I have the wrong kind?
  3. No, you're fine, but only one bottle might not be enough.
  4. id say yah... most stuff thats gonna fuck you up is a prescription based drug

    i ran into this problem as well... ive been sick as a dog with a terrible throat since monday... so i told my gf to go to the drug store and pick me up something with a shit ton of codeine... nothing on the shelves has codiene, its all over the counter prescriptions

    i would imagine it would be the same for DXM

    edit: looking at my bottle of Robitussin Chest Congestion ... only says it contains Guaifenesin 200mg per TBSP
    im in canada... maybe its different in the states

  5. No, DXM is in most OTC cough medicines.
  6. goto Erowid.com and look up DXM and see how many MG you should take since its your first time use a smaller amount

    Ive used DXM and its fun but its weird if you dont know what your doing so just becareful and DEFINATLY goto that site and look
  7. yeah take the whole bottle. i took the same gels last weekend.. its around 300mg i believe. you'll have fun :)
  8. if you have never tried it 300 mg is a pretty average amount for a first timer (20 gels x 15mg/p)

    If you have tripped before, take 1.5 or 2 to have a good time

    take 4 or so to trip hardcore
  9. ok I just went and got another bottle. Already took one whole bottle already. i want to be fucked up so I may take half of this other bottle.....ill post back when im tripping to give my experience with it.....
  10. ok im not really feeling anything yet so im gonna take that other half bottle now.....
  11. those gels take like a hour and a half to kick in, at least for me they did
  12. ok now theyre kicking in.......whoa....it just hit me.....and I know I havent even got into it yet because I took another half bottle like 10 minutes ago....uh oh.....hopefully mad tripping will start here soon!
  13. lol. Keep us posted.
  14. 300mg is intense imo.
  15. how are ya feelin?
  16. Fawk the PoLiCe!! LOL!!!!
  17. yes this was worth the money i spent on 2 bottle of robitussin.lol.....
  18. how much did it cost for each bottle?

    how long did it take to kick in?
  19. oh my god im so fucked up I could barely get off the couch to get the reciept.....I paid $6.59 for each bottle with tax.....crap this is wierd and yes im itching and yea I feel drunk and basically screwed up...
  20. ok i just threw up a bunch of red....kinda sucks.....

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