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Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. Just picked up a 4 oz. bottle of Robitussin Extra Strength Cough syrup. 15mg of DXM per 5 ml of syrup. I plan on drinking about 3 oz. of it, which equals out to a little over 250mg of DXM. From what I've read, that'll put me (160 lbs.) around the second plateau, which is what I want. I've read up on Erowid and other sites, and pretty much know what I'm getting into (tripped on other substances before). Just wanted to make sure all my calculations are correct before drinking it. Also, any advice experienced Robotrippers could offer me? Thanks in advanced, and I'll keep you informed on how it goes.
  2. sounds good bud...

    im pretty sure youll want to take it on an empty stomache, have a good, low light, place to chill. smoke some weed if you can.

    whos that guy in your picture there... seems like i recognize him.
  3. Yeah, I'm eating a light dinner, just some chicken noodle soup. Hopefully I'll just chill out in my room, watch some TV, listen to some tunes.

    The guy in my picture is the hip hop artist Big L (rest in peace).
  4. Oh no, don't take it on an empty stomach! You'll puke!

    The chicken noodle should be ok.
  5. I find that its the best when you take th DXM, and then smoke a joint about 30-45 minutes or so into it, like when you're just starting to feel it kickin in. Then, when you're done tokin, you REALLY feel it, its great.
  6. Haha sick!

    i knew i recognized him.. Big L is pretty dope.
  7. I just finished drinking it about 30 minutes ago. Now I'm just waiting... Decided to drink the whole bottle, which is still supposed to keep me at the 2nd plateau. I'll tell you how it goes either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Peace!
  8. Eh, glad that ordeal is over with. Drank the bottle, waited about an hour, watching Family Guy, was thinking nothing was going on. Got up to take a piss, feels sooooooo damn weird to walk, hah. Go back to my room, go downstairs to get a drink, throw up. Go back to my room, listen to some tunes, lay down, watch some TV, close my eyes. Stomach still feels weird, hard to lay on my back. Keep falling asleep into little "trance-like" things, where I'm not quite sure if I'm actually asleep or not, which was kinda interesting. Eventually I just fell completely asleep, woke up earlier than usual, threw up again. Took a shower, got ready for classes, threw up again, decided to stay home and rest. Eh, I guess DXM isn't for everyone. I'm not too into the feeling it gives ya, would much rather just munch down some mushrooms. Walking was insane though. I felt like I was so powerful walking up stairs and what not, kinda weird.

    So, overall, I kind of wish I didn't drink that Robo, but I'm kind of happy I can relate to what people are talking about when they mention DXM. Guess it just isn't for me.
  9. Sounds like the throwing up could have ruined your trip. The only bad trip I've had on DXM involved me throwing up as well, and my stomach felt like shit the rest of the night. I know from experience its not the DXM, just all the other crap in the syrup. If you ever decide to do it again, I recommend a different way, like pure DXM pills or the extraction or something.

    By the way, did you smoke any grass while you were on it? Its a lot better if you do, you dont even need a lot, just a few hits here and there. Haha, I remember one time I was on DXM, my friend had this nice bong, and I took the biggest hit ever from it, 2 lighters on the bowl haha, man that 1 hit sent the room spinning, increased my trip quite a bit, and in a good way.
  10. Nah, I didn't do any smoking at the time, kind of wish I did. It wasn't really a "bad trip," I just don't really like the high. Much rather eat mushrooms or just get blazed, but to each his own.

  11. Well, atleast you had an experience with it, to know what you really like and stuff.

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