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DXM sucks

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Lord_Infamous, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. i heard all the hype about DXM so i bought the high potency robitussin and chugged, worst trip of my life, felt like there was an ice cube crammed in my brain, and i got the worst stomachache ever, there's a reason that shits legal, cuz ur nuts if you do it. if your thinking about doing it forget it its not worth it
  2. Obviously it's mostly kids who drink DXM for a high. Adults have access to real stuff.
  3. Actually DXM products are 18+. And alcohol is WAY different than DXM.

    You probably drank syrup that had gaufesenin in it, which made you nauseous. I dont get nauseous when I do it and I enjoy DXM,.
  4. i dont really get that....
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    It's not for everyone but I love the feeling. Of course the brand you get is huge. To be able to say DXM sucks imo, you got to extract it. If you still don't like it after that, then you can say that for you that it sucks. Lots of other stuff in cough syrup is probably what got you nauseous imo.
  6. Yeah I thought it was the stupidest thing ever as well until I tried pure DXM. That can be decent, but still can't come anywhere close to any psychedelics of course though.
  7. It's just another chemical that can fuck you up, that just happens to be in a cough syrup medium. You can isolate the chemical.

    I've never understood that notion that DXM is something only children do. I'm 23 and I still enjoy DXM.

    Had the OP actually researched it he would've easily found out that about on a 1/3 of the people that try it actually enjoy it.
  8. I would agree. It is good but not great. I would love to get ahold of some Shrooms, LSD, or DMT. I don't use DXM for psychedelics but more for the great music euphoria and relaxation I get from it.
  9. I dislike the whole 1/3 thing, I think with enough times dxm will become enjoyable to someone who hates it their first few times. Its very enjoyable once you have an idea of whats going on. I enjoyed it my first time and everytime after that.
  10. i hated it too, until i went to heaven and hell in the same night. and i actually saw god. that was on 12oz of robo max. that was my first OBE, and it got me liking dxm.
  11. i did 600mg last night, it was one of the best highs in awhile, floating away listening to the dark side of the moon, seemed like 5 minutes was literally an hour in my head. I would just feel like i was floating down the amazon river pitch black not caring about anything in the world.:hello::hello::hello:
  12. Damn, I would've loved for you to had given him a message for me, " GTFO my reality and go back from whence you came"
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