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dxm rant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImPakelika, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. man dxm rules, ive been on dxm all day and im fucked up really good. We drank some bacardi and ate some skittles. I want to smoke a blutn right now but this kid owes me money and i dont haveany weed, if you like dxm raise your hand momy dont like korean pizza go bye bye inn the sky. Ive ate like 3 boxes of cordiceden cold and cough which means im trippin ball bags right now. if you knwo where im at heh.
  2. i just took another shot of bacardi and this si fun!
  3. damn someone should talk to me its 8:53 and im bored and really fucked up.
  4. man i could never do all the shit u r doin on dxm. I'd just wanna sit in the dark.
  5. "High doses of Chlorpheniramine Maleate (CPM) can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms including seizures; shortness of breath or troubled breathing; weakness; loss of consciousness; severe dryness of mouth, nose, or throat; bleeding from skin, mouth, eyes, rectum, and vagina; and possibly death."

    and THIS is why you dont fuck with coricidin cough and cold. youre pretty lucky to not be dead or bleeding out of your eyeballs right now. in fact, youre REALLY fucking lucky.

    ..not to spoil your trip or anything.
  6. man im really wasted and im in a dark spot so its really good. Im drinking too.
  7. dxm is killer though.. but i usually wont do it unless i have some bud.. it makes it so much fuckin cooler, its like a whole different drug
  8. is that other stuff you said ture about coracden about bleeding out the eyes and shit?
  9. that stuff aint ture is it? im feelin good. reply

  10. I totally agree with you man. One time me and my friends waited for our robotussin to kick in before we got stoned and I was just kind of drunk feeling and shit. Then I smoked a few bowls and... whoooooooah. I imagine it also had to do with the fact that I was just coming up from robo and not peaking. It's still way better with weed though
  11. im watching mtv it sucks balls but music is music.
  12. yes, all of that is true. i can give you the source if you want.. so please dont do coricidin.. you seriously are lucky you arent dead man.. damn, bleeding out of your eyeballs is the least of your worries. im not even shitting you

    if you want some dxm, you can still extract from syrups or order some pure freebase online.. both are way safer than 3cs

    and please, for the love of god go here and read the dxm faq:
  13. im not lucky im not dead trust me man. i know what im doing. This is the first time ive took this much. plus i heard that their gonna stop makeing cordiceden.
  14. man i dont think i really took 3 boxes :p i took like 25 or so. Defintly not 3 boxs so im not gonna die :D, trippy experince though
  15. actually, yes you are pretty lucky. and no, you dont really know what your doing.

    "In the past year, three teen-agers - including one Monroe youth - have died from taking overdoses of Coricidin cough and cold pills. In each case, the victim took an average of 10 to 30 pills."
    and there are AT LEAST 4 more coricidin deaths as well.. yes, you can die.. very easily
  16. "I've heard from about two dozen people who have had *serious* problems with Coricidin (and countless who have been turned off of it after regular use by nausea reactions when looking at the box in the drugstore; some people even projectile vomit upon seeing it).

    Several people ended up bleeding out their eyeballs (I kid you not). About ten ended up in the hospital. One kid was in a coma for three days after *five* tablets. All of these people had taken ten or fewer.

    Some people are *very* susceptible to antihistamines, and it can hit you suddenly, and randomly. It is seriously dangerous shit."

    and heres another quote..
  17. thats some scary shit man, my bro is telling me about how he almost died drinking alchol and takeing pills. I know im not very smart evidently for doing this but it is really fuckin trippy. I dont think im gonna die from it though. Plus my bro
    ther is getting his bong so we can smoke a bowl.
  18. yeah man its pretty scary.. you probably wont die if youve been alright for this long, but dont do coricidin again man.. just do an extraction from robo max strength cough instead
  19. man im sorry for tryin to argue with you but that was when i was WAY beyond fucked up. Im with it a lil now so I know what your sayin. Damn this is some crazy shit, i dont think im gonna do it again.. ill just figure out how to extract it from syrup.
  20. hey how do you extract it from the syrup? me and my bro both want to know.

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