DXM Rant

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Baka-420, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. okay, I'm really really high and it's hard to type...so I'll post the DXM poem
    DXM Ranting
    I'm getting hot, my body burns inside
    The living resembleance of myself is seen throughout time in an odd way
    How are we connected, in the internet? A conspiracy, control our minds
    The government wants us to obey like ducks, Fuck ya'll Uncle Sam
    Sweep our minds, wipe em clean. You can't hurt me
    I'm protected, better than anything. A tank, of water, pouring onto the heat
    Cooling us to absolute zero, discover the cold fusion
    Planet of schemes devised, a plan to destroy em all
    Wipe em clean, like their brains, show your pain
    Be that as it may, I can't hurt you
    Only love you, God told me so, I guess I should listen
    Ramble ramble ramble in the rbrambles, prick my skin
    Only thing to do when you trip, think and love
    Fit it, drive it, like a glove, into the sky, above us all
    Lovely moon gleams at me, I love her so, she grants me my power
    The all powerful shaman! I can do anything, you cannot stop me!
    The glory, the power, the angelic distribution!
    Pleadf to let you go, I shall have mercy
    I love you all , you guys are cool
    My brain is strainin again, it's gettin hard to move like a fish
    So I end it here, my DXM poem

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