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  1. Hello GC
    I once read that it's not safe to take DXM when using anti-depressants, well I've been off anti-depressants for a month and 2 weeks now so I'm wondering if it's safe to take them? :confused:
  2. Yea you're good to Dex. Have fun but be safe bro.
  3. thanks and yea dude I ain't gonna mess with that stuff for too long I did my research. '"Just experimenting" lol
  4. Erowid.com will be your best friend when researching.
  5. yea haha I read almost every single experience.I was really paranoid at first but I was reading all the shit about people taking like a shitload of it because it wasn't hitting them at first so they decided to double their dose (dumbasses). But yea I'm pretty chill about it now I've been wanting to trip since I was like 15 but I just can't score any fucking cid or shrooms where I live
  6. DXM is always a good time plus it will get you prepared for mushrooms or acid. Just plan out your night ahead of time. For example find a good place to chill, music, liquids, make sure you got some place to puke because some people throw up from it.

  7. i feel your pain bro:(
  8. Yea bro, I'd imagine somone puking their guts out after drinking a whole bottle of cough syrup. That stuff is nasty
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    Yea dude not even in concerts, like that's not even possible. I went to a queens of the stone age concert and couldn't find any?!?!?! I asked like everyone but all I got was x

    EDIT: And it was some shitty ecstasy too. GOD DAMN I WANT SOME ACID, I haven't even done it but I just want it so bad
  10. It's so gay...throwing up cause of robo. Out of my friends, i'm the ONLY one who pukes from robotripping, and my friends are all like "you're weird dude"
  11. I know I guy who ate 4 boxes of coricidin, tisk tisk.

    EDIT:Avoid this brand of cough suppresant, the maleate in it is horrible on your body.

  12. Yea I read an experience on Erowid of a guy who was addicted to that brand and he said he went to hell and kept seeing demons, so i automatically said "FUCK THAT" and crossed that brand out of my list lol

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