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  1. I've got a bottle of Chest Congestion Relief DM.

    The active ingredients are Dextromethorphan HBr (20mg) and Guaifenesin (400mg)

    now my question is, how much should i take to trip AND can the Guaifenesin have mean backlash on me?
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    Guaf, for some people, can cause them to feel nauseous and/or throw up. It's an expectorant, so it's meant for the removal of mucous from the airways. At high doses, I suppose it can cause a certain degree of stomach discomfort. I've had experience with dxm before and I've taken in excess a lot of guaf before and never had anything bad happen to myself because of it. I do not fell naseated while on dxm so I can't attest to guaf's factors contributing to that.

    for my first time i took Mucinex DM pills, I honestly forget the dosage now, but I wouldn't list it if I could. It might not be the same for you based on weight, height, metabolism, etc. A lot of factors play into it. I'd suggest doing some research at www.erowid.org for your first time and go from there. good luck, man.
  3. Don't take it, Guaf will make you throw-up pretty badly. Stick with a product with DXM being the only active ingredient. Heard you can extract the DXM from the Guaf but not sure, do some research on that. Good Luck.
  4. Yah go back to the store and get DXM only.
  5. check my sig for current DXM only products that are easy to find.

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