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  1. Ok last week a buddy and I were going to DXM trip, he had liquid robotussin, I had 20 gel caps, I took 6 of them it being my first time, and two hours later and nothing, then i took 12 more of them amounting to 18 total in less than 4 hours, waited an hour and a half and nothing had happened. I then went to sleep and slept like I never had before. I had 4 Monster Energy Drinks, and a shit ton of water earlier in the day the energy drinks I drank one when I took the first 6 and then sipped the others. Any ideas about why there was nothing when I took that amount?
  2. You need atleasta 300mg of DXM to even start to trip (thats if your really skinny). You should have taken all 20.
  3. Ah ok, gotcha.
  4. yeah didnt take enough dude
  5. for a general idea
    20 = a good buzz, I just felt drunk my first time
    40 = a great trip
    60 = fucked up, out of body experiences, etc.
  6. damn 60 pills is like a full course meal lol get drunk nigggasssssssss
  7. How about if I drink the entire bottle of the liquid robitussin? the big bottle at wally world
  8. [​IMG]

    this is what you are looking for ... 15mg of DXM HBr per 5ml

    get the 4 ounce for a drunk / high feeling
    get the 8 ounce for a pretty good trip

    4 ounce is abobut 300 mg of dxm
    8 ounce is about 600 mg of dxm

    but i suggest you go with the cough gels .. just eat like 40 of them and youll be fine ..

    and make shure whatever you get has dextromethorphan Hbr as its only active ingredient ... acetaminophen will kill you in large doses .. and guaffaisan (sp ?) will make you puke your guts out

    and no matter what dont take CCC's .. those will fuck you up in a bad way

    peace and be safe
  9. HEY!


    I had a friend die. Took 64 CCC (coricidin cough and cold) pills. It contains OTHER ingrediants than DXM. I.e. Guafasine (sp)

    If you want to experiance a DXM trip, drink 1 and 1/2 to 2 bottles of Zycam Max. They're a little over a shot glass of liquid each. You can get it at your local walgreens. Comes in a very small spray bottle.
    Make sure it is Zycam MAX not Zycam DM or anything else. They contain other ingrediants.

    Zycam max is 100% DextroMethOraphan. MUCHHHH SAFER. Trust me man.
  10. cccs are fucked up yes i agree .... but robotussin is fine .. and Guaifenesin
    wont kill you it will just make you puke ... your friend probabbly died because 1920 mg of dxm is a really high dose and 256 mg of Chlorpheniramine Maleate will fuck you up horribly ... specially in combination with the huge amount of dextromethorphan .... Guaifenesin had nothing to do with it .... and the robotussin maximum strength doesent have Guaifenesin anywaes so its safe ..... so just dont fuck with CCCs ..

  11. yea... guafinessin may suck... but its not gonna kill ya in a normal DXM dose... just like stated, make you puke your guts out... and youll prolly be wayyy more disoriented than normal.
  12. Guafinessin sucks lol. But yeah you'll be fine besides some side effects..

  13. First time i did DXM i was in a really manic state, like i dont give a fuck state... down a big bottle of DXM w/ guaf (already knew about the guaf which is why i never downed it before, but this time i didnt care).

    Man... i couldnt see or walk straight but i felt fine so i was like sweet.... and then the puking began... oh man that was a lot of puke... but i was soo fucked up, basically floating i came outta the bathroom and went to my boys "Man... pukin ain that bad" but ifelt so sick the entire next day and had no bud... man did that suck.

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