DXM question, is this possible.

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  1. OK here it is.

    This chick I know said that she saw somone turn into an egg roll, and she thought she was in china on a stretcher, she said this happend during her 300mg first time DXM trip.


    I called her a liar and said no way that's possible but she stuck to her opinion.

    I recently did dxm for first time.

    im 18 and weigh 140.

    first trip: 300mg, didn't even trip, felt a little euphoric.

    2nd, 3rd, 4th trip: 600mg, tripped balls, when I closed my eyes it was like a spinning spiral and I dissociated even more than I normally am.

    5th trip: 900mg: Tripped ballllllls, couldn't even talk to the people alround me for a good hour. but the first few hours was euphoric and energizing. very fun.

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    She probably let it happen, but she could've controlled herself, like when your high, you might act high around your friends, but you control yourself around your parents.

    My only experience with DXM was on the 4th of July, took 300 mg and smoked a bowl, and I was tripping for hours, even the next day when I smoked again I felt it a little, but I never hallucinated or anything. I take it to be a low second or high first plateau. Overall it was a fun experience, and I want to try it again with a higher dose.
  3. its possible that her eyes were closed and she saw that happen and thought her eyes were open

    but no, u wouldnt see that on any drug except maybe benadryl/dramamine/datura/belladonna
  4. She's overexaggerating the effects for attention. She saw someone turn into an egg roll....pfffft.
  5. she probably just thought of that shit while she was on it, so she told everyone that to seem cool..
  6. I'm pretty sure I've taken more than 300mg and didn't see anything like that at all. I saw a sticker on my door seperate into 2 stickers and I saw a black shadowy figure appear in my sister's bedroom for a brief second and that's the extent of the visuals that I had (and I'm about 5'10" 125-130 lbs., probably around 120 at the time).

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