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Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. hey I just did 300mg of dxm syrup I was wondering how long does the syrup take to kick in?

    thanks :hello:
  2. anywhere from 25-45 minutes :)

    have fun man :smoke:
  3. haha I will its been 30 mins I feel alittle something nothing too much we shall see I did it right after eating though :s
  4. hahahha holy fuck im gone

  5. if you avoid doing to much, and looking at to much you will realy trip.

    close your eyes and focus, its crazy
  6. what kind of syrup did u drink? was it robotussin? that stuff tastes like shit.
  7. 300 isn't much i'd take at least 500 and if you want to really trip take like 750-1000.
  8. umm no 380 is enough for me im fuckkkeddd up and it was 380 not 300 and its creomulsion its 20mg per 15ml and its a 12oz bottle I bgouth at my local dollar store for 4 dollars BWUAHAHAHHA I got a good deal it doesnt taste bad at all either

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