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    so i have a bottle of Delsym 12-hour Cough Relief extended release syrup.an i wanted to down it,

    it would be my first time doing DMX,its 30mgs per teaspoon,has a total of 589mgs of DMX,but Ive been doing a little bit of research on this particular one,

    The DXM is coated with a special edible plastic called "polystirex". Because of the extended release of the DXM, it tends to build up in the system, which can be harmful in large doses. Most would recommend that one doesn't do this syrup recreationally, and I agree. It doubles one's chances for Olney's Lesions and is 2 times harder on your body than regular DXM.

    has anyone had any experience with this one,any info would be cool,an i know you can extract it but i don't really feel like doing that shit right now,but i mean you think it would be ok to do it this one time,

    also my parents are home do you think its straight,its not that high of a dose,or is it hard to look straight when fucked up on this shit,ive never done it before so i don't know.

  2. uhm, don't think I've heard of that syrup before so I don't really know what to tell you about that. :[

    As far as DXM itself, the first time I tried it I was stupid and took more than I should have, which caused me to have a horrible stomach ache for almost 2 hours followed by one of the scariest trips I've ever experienced. So naturally I'm glad it was just me and my boyfriend at the time or else I would have been caught big time.

    But if you take the right dose and everything, you should have a pretty fun time and just unless your parents are with you every second of the night, they probably won't suspect too much.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  3. well i just downed the bottle thats 589mgs of dmx,it was about 30 minutes ago,and they say it takes a shitload of time to kick in so i will see how it goes,and ill report back when i start to feel something.

  4. It's a much longer lasting but significantly less intense buzz overall. You won't be experiencing the same effects as you would with say 589mgs of DXM HBr, which would hit you within an hour, peak for about 4-6 hours, then carry you down slowly. The same amount of the polystirex form (~589mgs) will make you feel like you took 250-300mg for 12 hours rather than nearly 600 for 6-8.

    Delsym doesn't really make you have a full out trip unless you go extreme with the dosages, which is quite frankly a waste of time. If you want to experience a strong DXM mindwarp, then use HBr.
  5. ya i would do the extraction but i didnt really feel like doing anything,

    kinda feeling fucked up tho,stomach is upset,thats normail tihgt
  6. yeah it is normal but you will probably blow chunks soon
  7. wow om fucked up,

    not in a tripping bals sort of way,

    im just fucked up,

    wish i had some opaties

  8. Delsym was the worst experience I had with DXM. I suggest doing Zicam Cough Max next time with orange juice and sour warheads in that order to get rid of the taste. I haven't experienced any stomach problems from this. Take only 1 though and you should be high.
  9. I have much experience with this syrup. And there is an easy DXM extraction method which uses only water.

    nevermind see you drank it. DXM polistirex is coated with, well, polistyrex which is an edible plastic. It increases the release time for the DXM so it is basically DXM XR.

    There is a tek where you remove the coating and have pure dxm... I see I didnt get here in time.

    Removing the coating will make your trip not last as long and be way more intense.

    Enjoy it anyways
  10. ya,well i still feel it a little,but i didnt really like the trip,and i feel so werid and my stomach is upset,hangover is a bitch.
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    It's in my guide.

    You just do the extraction and then soak the DXM Polistirex in pure lemon juice for a few hours.

    Then swig the lemon juice down in a shot, and you should be trippin within a half hour.

    Or you could put that lemon juice in some lemonade or Mountain Dew or something, and just sip on that.

    And it's so much cleaner than Robitussin or Zicam.
  12. Extraction all the way...it keeps you from not wanting to take cough syrup next time your actually sick lol. [​IMG]
  13. Man I can't even use cough medicine anymore. makes me want to barf, drinking 2+ bottles of that shit.

    All you need is water, delsym, a bottle and lemon juice and you'll have some pretty pure dxm.
  14. It is pure. :rolleyes:

    It just has a plastic time-release coating on it, which is why you soak it in lemon juice..
  15. I wish people would use the forum search engine. This is the third time today I've had an opportunity to recommend your extraction method. Oh well. :rolleyes:
  16. ya i know you can extract it,i was just being lazy,the plastic coating on it is much harder for the body to process than DXM hbr,thats probaly why im feeling shitty

  17. Ha, I know man I have done my fair share of extractions. It's just that when I say pure people always come back saying it can't be pure if its that easy.
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    Oh, well you said "pretty pure", which sounds so bad I just had to throw in the rolleyes smiley.

    And their argument in nonsense. It can't be pure if it's easy?

    Shaking the Delsym just loosens the DXM Polistirex from the solvent, that information isn't hard to deduce.

    I wasn't knockin you or anything, I was just saying cause I thought you were misinformed.

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