DXM - need help soon please

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonergirl-420, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. So I know I already made a thread about this but I need a final good answer.

    I did a cold water extraction on Contac Cold and Cough pills. White stuff sank to the bottom. The pills have 15 mg of dxm and 500mg of APAP in them, so im obviously trying to ger rid of the APAP. I read on a chart on Erowid that dxm is 1.5% soluble and APAP is insoluble in COLD water. Does this mean the white stuff is APAP and i should drink the water. Or should i filter out the white stuff let it dry and put in capsules?(if its not the APAP, but im pretty sure it is)
  2. You're right the first time, the white stuff is the APAP, works pretty much the same as a CWE for hydros and such, and have fun!
  3. filter the water, get the glob of apap and roll it into a ball and throw it at something, its like dough its awesome XD

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