DXM "Lemon Drop" Gelcaps

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Meursault, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else ever gotten pure extracted DXM that's been put into gelcaps?

    Almost a year ago a friend introduced them to me. He said all he knew about them was that they were extracted DXM and they were called lemon drops, he didn't know the dosage or anything else, but since they were free I figured why not.

    Since then I've done them a few times and it always leads to a 3rd or 4th plateau dose, but anyway my question is does anyone else have any experience with extracted DXM gelcaps? I don't see them mentioned anywhere ever so I'm just wondering how common they are. The extraction does wonders for reducing/eliminating the nausea most people associate with DXM.
  2. i could imagine that someone could do that... dont really know how tho..
  3. I've never seen them, but extractions are extremely easy to do and put into powdered form.
  4. Yeah I know enough basic chem that I could probably get it done pretty easily but haven't needed to yet. With that said, the last one is sitting in my stomach now so maybe I'll try it in the coming year or so (since I only care to do DXM like once every 6 months lol.)

    It's infinitely better than chugging syrup or popping gelcaps. I tried that in my teens but quickly learned that it wasn't the way to go. :eek:

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