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DXM! I Want To Trip!

Discussion in 'General' started by LieutenantDank, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I have done DXM before, and tonight, I want to trip.

    I'm going to go to CVS and buy the gelcaps they have. How much should I take? Erowid has a dose of heavy as between 600 mg and 1500 mg; I have done DXM before, I was thinking 900 mg is a nice number.

    Also, can I smoke before hand?
  2. 900mg is alot bro, id start with 600mg and up it from there if necisarry
  3. Will that be enough? I have 2 people around that won't be doing it if there is a problem, would upping it to 900 be a bad idea?
  4. dude .. dont start off with 900 .. as the guy before me sayed take 600 then see if thats not enough take more .. ive done up to i think 1200 and i can tell you dxm is a hell of a fucking drug :hello:
  5. I have already done up to 500 mg with no tripping. Very fun night, yes, but no tripping. That's why I picked 900.
  6. i tried 1 bottle of 20 gel caps, didnt trip really hard, but still felt it a good amount, im curious if i should try maybe 2 bottles(40 gel caps) im not to sure how much mg that is. How would that mix w/mush or cid?
  7. dude just buy.. corecedin cough and cold.. make sure its the cough and cold ones.. its about 5 dollars a box and you get 24 pills.. take 16-24 and you'll be trippin fuckin balls.. if you dont get cough and cold you'll die because of acemetophine or whatever is in the other ones
  8. under no circumstances should you buy or dose on CCC's, they're dangerous to your health. make sure the only active ingredient is DXM

    900mg is a lot.. that's the dose that puts me on the upper plateau, but if you've already tried 500mg before and it didn't do much more than make you feel good, then go for it, maybe do 800mg or somethin.
  9. ZICAM MAX, thats all i got to say.

    shots worth of liquid..shit load of dxm. stay safe.
  10. you can always take more if you're not satisfyed. but you can't get rid of what you already took, so start off with 600
  11. damn really? i myself have never done them but one of my close freinds does them sometimes every day.. its pretty rediculous.. he claims that the CCC's arent bad because of the lack of acemepthine
  12. Warnings

    Coricidin Cough and Cold Warning: One of the most common products used as a source of DXM is Coricidin Cough and Cold. This product also contains CPM, which can be dangerous at high doses. Most of the hospitalizations and health problems we hear about resulted from the use of Coriciding C&C.

    Acetaminophen Warning: DXM products containing acetaminophen should not be used recreationally. High doses of acetaminophen can be fatal.

  13. I am tripping dex right now
  14. if you took 500 and didn't really trip then 900mg isa good dose, how much to you weigh? im 190? i have dosed 900 about 8 time and it is a trio just remeber you are on drugs and everything will be ok in the morning, 900mg ain't really in the dangerzone unless your on a moai inhibitor or what ever those medicins are called.
  15. Me too!!
  16. Id say go for a 1200mg dose if you think you can handle that, since you have had some experience with it before.
  17. Your kidding right?
    He said that he's done 500 mg. 700 more mg would probably be a real retarded idea, and depending on body size etc possibly dangerous. It is completely different on such different doses, you would have no idea on what to expect. Idk I hear people around here with attitudes like that all the time and Ive seen 2 people get rushed into the ER cause of it, It is by no means a "childs drug" or anything like that, take it with responsibility pleaseeee.

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