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Discussion in 'General' started by devin313, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. i used the dxm extraction method posted in the dxm faq thread my friend and i used 700mg each and we dont feel anything...we drank it 2 hours ago...whats the problem? i followed the directions exactly the only thing it is unclear on is the layers idk where i could have messed up
  2. If you got rid of the wrong layer, you wouldn't have ingested any DXM.
  3. IF he got the wrong layer i think he would be sick as fuck, since he probably used lighter fluid or something similar. I honestly don't know what to tell you, i've not tried the extraction myself because it seems it would only be worth it if you got pure powder and not just some condensed liquid thats still going to taste terrible when zicam cough mist is only .75 ounces (though nothing can taste worse than that)
  4. You can boil out the liquid and be left with a power ;)
  5. I've wondered if that would work, but i've never seen an extraction guide that talked about it, so i figured it wouldn't work. They always stopped when there was just a little liquid left and talked about dropping that liquid into pills or just drinking it, seems stupid they woudl stop there when you could just boil the liquid off?
  6. there is a method, i believe on erowid, that mentions being able to boil (or microwave, can't remember) the liquid out :)
  7. Thanks, I'll have to check it out.
    To the OP; did you boil the liquid out?
  8. To the op:

    Either you did something wrong, or you are a bigger guy and 700mg didn't affect you because it wasn't enough

    You must use syrups for extraction (atleast for most that show you how online)

  9. You'd have to be one big mofo for 700mg not to affect you, that quite a large dose, and I have a hard time believing it wouldn't affect anybody.
  10. im not a big guy at all...5'9" 140...i followed the directions exactly...i threw out the bottom layer everytime accept the last time, i kept the bottom layer...the first time i threw out the bottom red liquid layer and kept the top pink foamy layer...the next time(when rinsing with water) i threw out the bottom pink liquid layer and kept the top white milky layer then repeated that step...finally i used the lemon juice and kept the bottom layer which was clear but kinda cloudy and threw out the top layer which looked like milk...does this sound right?
  11. boiling any active will fry it

    simple as that dude

    you can't cook something in the traditional sense when it comes to chems

    if you wanna evap you'll need a heatlamp (halogen/ect) and a plate or pan

    all you're looking to do is evap the water not cook the actives so a lamp or pc monitors vented bits are your best friend

    like I said in the other thread (which I was neg repped in for some bullshit reason) you're best bet is dealing with the gels since dxm in powder or liquid form is NASTY

    it's like drinking rotten egg with a side of cocaine bitter chemical taste lol totally fucked and since the gels keep that off your tongue it's a good bet you won't spew from the taste and the smaller sum of liquid in your system will make for a cleaner dxm high

  12. id have to eat like 50 of them...and also, thats not gonna make me sick? taking 50 pills
  13. nope if you require that much dxm to trip taking 50 15mg hci gel caps won't fuck ya up

    if anything the syurps or your half assed agent lemon mixes are more dangerous lol
  14. just going by the multiple extactions I've read (never tried it myself)

    so if you've sucessfully done it and know it doesn't work, then thanks for posting :)
  15. lol yeah much like curing nug you can't hurry it

    so taking the lemon juice/dxm placing it in a large pyrex baking dish and tossing one of those work lamps (clamp thing with the dish you find at home depot) few feet above it will evap for ya nicely

    can actually use this method coupled with a hot plate 'n flasks to up the proof on any booze lol

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