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DXM hangover

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mt2011, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. i have 600 mg of robitussin cough gells that im planning on taking around 9:30 tonight :hello:

    im wondering if im guna be too hungover at around 1 or 2 tomorow to hang out with my girlfriend, she doesn't have a problem with me doing it but i'v been really busy lately so i haven't had any "alone time" with her in a while.
  2. you might feel a little out of it, but you should be fine
  3. You will definitely feel out of it and tired, but that's easy enough to ignore if you're doing something.

    When I take it i always get ridiculous double-vision that can last several hours after the trip is over. Not sure if this happens to you, but it's something you may want to take into consideration.

    Happy tripping:hello:
  4. Its more of an afterglow, its actually kinda pleasurable, especially if you smoke some bud.

    But it might make it harder for you to ejaculate the next day, if you're having that kind of "alone time"
  5. Holy shit! I thought this only happened to me when I tried DXM. The next day I had shitty vision, and then after I got high later the next night, I was literally seeing double of everything.
  6. Yeah you should be fine the next day, I've done 800+mg before, and been only REALLY "glowing" the next day, nothing a little pot couldn't help.

    Actually made me feel higher, just couldn't formulate thoughts like I'm used to.

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