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DXM extractions

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Linktogunner, May 29, 2009.

  1. Can anyone tell me if this method works? I found it here on the city and I'm sure someone has tried it since it's been posted.. or at least would know if it could work.


  2. It does work, there's a few threads, as well as pictures, about how to do a DXM from Delsym 12-Hour cough syrup. It's really easy, all you need is the syrup, a bottle, and water.

  3. Here are two extractions I am positive work:

    [First way of extraction costs a little more, but is well worth it.]

    #1 Extraction:

    Materials Required:
    -Delsym Cough Suppressant containing DXM Polistirex (Two 3oz bottles)
    -Plastic gallon milk jug
    -Tap water
    -Razor knife
    That's IT!

    What you do:
    1) First clean and empty the gallon milk jug, warm water helps a lot, just rinse it out nicely.

    2) Then pour all of the syrup into the jug, every drop. Now you're going to fill the rest of the jug with water, about 3/4 the way full.

    3) Tighten cap, and shake hard. Then let sit for approx. 2 hours. Some say more, but I found 2 hours to be very sufficient enough.

    During this time the water will separate the DXM Polistirex from the syrup itself, and a nice collection of DXM powder will begin to stick to the bottom.

    4) Now be very careful to not shake up everything again, but you must now empty the water and left over syrup. I found it easiest to bring the jug to a sink or bath tub. What you're going to do now is remove the cap for air pressure, and using your razor splice little horizontal lines starting at the top of the jug. This will slowly empty the jug without disturbing the DXM powder at the bottom.

    5) When you reach the bottom, the jug should be almost empty of water, leaving a nice puddle of DXM sludge at the bottom of the jug, cut off the entire top of the jug so you can have a nice 'tray' to work with.

    What some do is pour what's left into a drink and kick it back. This works, of course, but I like to dry the powder out and place it into capsules..

    To do this, all you need to do is let the tray with the powder dry out. I found it easier to place the tray into a wood dresser drawer, because this seems to dry it out very VERY fast.

    Once it's dry, you will see you have made DXM powder! Now just scrape it all off and there you have it! You can order empty pill capsules online, and fill them each with the powder, creating nice little trip pills if you choose.

    #2 Extraction:

    Step by Step how to-

    The Materials:

    Dextromethorphan containing cough syrup. DO NOT get the kind that contains active
    ingredients such as guaifenesin or acetominiphen, only get the kind that has DXM
    and alchohol in it. At the levels you'll be drinking those items could be fatal!
    Get two 4 oz. bottles.

    Ordinary Household ammmonia (clear, not lemon or some other scent)

    Naptha Lighter Fluid ("Zippo", or "Ronsonal" are good ones.) Be sure to test
    different brands to be sure they're ok to use. Take a drop of fluid and let it
    evaporate from a glass plate or mirror. It should evaporate with no residue.

    Citric Acid. (lemon juice workes fine.)


    Some containers and flexible rubber tubing to use as a siphon. Fish tank hose is fine...


    Prepare ahead of time a solution of the citric acid in water. For two bottles
    of syrup (4 oz each) use 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in 8 fluid ounces of water.

    Add ammonia to DXM. DXM converts from hydrobromide salt to freebase and precipitates out of water. Since it's now nonpolar it wants to go into a non polar solvent. Now you add a nonpolar solvent and shake hard. Free base goes into solution in solvent. Let the solvent float to the top. (it doesn't mix with water) Physically separate the layers. Now the DXM is in the nonpolar layer, mix that with the acid and shake well. The DXM converts back into the acid salt (since lemon juice has citric acid in it, it makes DXM hydrocitrate). This is so cool because the DXM is practically pulled across the oil-water interface by the hydrogen ion gradient Now you throw out the oil layer, and the DXM is now acid salt in the lemon juice. Boil it for a few minutes on a hotplate or in the microwave, stir it good, so any volatile solvent that remains will evaporate.

    You are left with "Agent Lemon" or "DXemon juice", A highly concentrated product, which is superior to cough syrup -- if you really wanted to, you could probably boil away the water -- with no danger, since the amount of solvent is almost nothing, and get a crystaline product that might be cut with anhydrous citric acid.

    Step by step how to:

    Pour 2 (4 oz.) bottles of cough syrup in a jar with a good water tight lid. (a
    mason jar or something)

    Pour in a lot of ammonia. Excess is not a serious problem. An ammount of ammonia about equal to the syrup volume or more is good.


    Add about a 1/2 inch thick layer of lighter fluid on top of the ammonia cough syrup mixture.

    Seal it up and shake the hell out of it. At least five minutes or so.

    Let the organic solvent layer separate, it will float to the top of the water(the lighter fluid now contains the dxm)

    Use a siphon to separate the layers. Fill the siphon (your flexible rubber tube)
    with water, and while pluging one end with your finger plunge the other end into the water/ammonia layer (the pink junk under the lighter fluid).

    Hold the free end of the siphon below the other end of the siphon, and let go of the end. Let the liquid drain into a jar. Throw the pink watery/ammonia crap out.

    If you want to minimize the amount of water-ammonia-cough syrup inactive ingredients, add more water to the lighter fluid, shake it up again, let it separate and siphon again. You can do it three or four times to be sure you get all the ammonia out. When done you should only have the solvent layer left.

    Now mix the solvent layer with the citric acid solution (lemon juice).

    Shake the hell out of it. 5 minutes or so.

    After that, let it settle. It takes a few minutes to separate. Wait.

    Next stage. Use the siphon again. Be a little conservative and don't let any solvent
    get into the siphon, so leave a little water layer below the lighter fluid. Toss the
    lighter fluid out and save the lemon juice portion (it now contains the DXM)

    Boil the lemon juice (on an electric stove or burner) on low heat for a while, the
    theory is that if there's a little bit of solvent there, it will boil away.

    Transfer to a snapple jar or something equivelent and refridgerate it to help it
    cool off. Once cooled off, drink it! It tastes bitter as hell so (dxm is bitter tasting)
    you may want to boil as much of the water away as possible so you won't have to
    drink so much of it. Maybe even add some sugar to it or something.
  4. Thanks both of you.. Really helpful
  5. ya i wrote up a thread on polistirex extraction a few months ago in pandoras box, try the search tool good luck!

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