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DXM extraction

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RoAr455, May 29, 2009.

  1. hey im bout to get delsylm cough syrup with dextromorphan im goin to be extracting it with the 2 litters or somethin. its on another thread on GC but im prolly gona do it that way.. sorry pretty high.. :smoking:bout to go on a blut ride wit some people and then get the delsym then hopefully get it mad this weekend so i can start extraacting it.. any sugestions

  2. Have fun, be safe.

    For the Delsym Extraction here are the best Instructions:

    Materials Required:
    -Delsym Cough Suppressant containing DXM Polistirex (Two 3oz bottles)
    -Plastic gallon milk jug
    -Tap water
    -Razor knife
    That's IT!

    What you do:
    1) First clean and empty the gallon milk jug, warm water helps a lot, just rinse it out nicely.

    2) Then pour all of the syrup into the jug, every drop. Now you're going to fill the rest of the jug with water, about 3/4 the way full.

    3) Tighten cap, and shake hard. Then let sit for approx. 2 hours. Some say more, but I found 2 hours to be very sufficient enough.

    During this time the water will separate the DXM Polistirex from the syrup itself, and a nice collection of DXM powder will begin to stick to the bottom.

    4) Now be very careful to not shake up everything again, but you must now empty the water and left over syrup. I found it easiest to bring the jug to a sink or bath tub. What you're going to do now is remove the cap for air pressure, and using your razor splice little horizontal lines starting at the top of the jug. This will slowly empty the jug without disturbing the DXM powder at the bottom.

    5) When you reach the bottom, the jug should be almost empty of water, leaving a nice puddle of DXM sludge at the bottom of the jug, cut off the entire top of the jug so you can have a nice 'tray' to work with.

    What some do is pour what's left into a drink and kick it back. This works, of course, but I like to dry the powder out and place it into capsules..

    To do this, all you need to do is let the tray with the powder dry out. I found it easier to place the tray into a wood dresser drawer, because this seems to dry it out very VERY fast.

    Once it's dry, you will see you have made DXM powder! Now just scrape it all off and there you have it! You can order empty pill capsules online, and fill them each with the powder, creating nice little trip pills if you choose.


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