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Discussion in 'General' started by 420weedman420, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. okay ive never done dxm and ive got a bottle of nyquil in front of me with about 15ml of dxm every tablespoon so i was wondering how much i should take to get a little fucked up, cause i dont wanan have a bad trip or anything... and please respond soon if possible, thanks, later oh also theres other active ingredients so i dont know if that will do shit but ya.. alright later
  2. well i read all that stuff and i still got another question, theres acetaminophen at 500 mg a tablespoon and doxylamine succinate at 6.25 mg per table spoon also pseudoephedrine HCI at 30 mg a dose, i was wondering if this stuff was fatal and if i should take it, aight thanks later
  3. alright i will.. thanks .. peace
  4. wrong kind. dont drink it.
  5. actually nyquil will fuck you up hardcore if you can manage to stay awake, but if your lookin for jus a nice dxm trip dont do tha Q.

    haha in the words of dennis leary "NyQuil... capital n small y big fuckin q! i love that fuckin q dont you, what a great marketing idea they'll get high and stare at it 'the Q is talkin to me the Q is talkin to me!'...... i love nyquil man"
  6. your lookin for sumthin with only dextromethorphan hbr in it and absolutly nothin else if there is anything else listed in the active ingredients then DONT TAKE IT
    stick with robitussin i have found that the CoughGels to be the best, there new and are in a little white bottle and contain 20 red pills, with 15mg of dxm in each. if this is your first time only take 20 which is the whole bottle that will put u at about 300mg total enough for a half way decent trip then after that i wouldnt exceed 450-500 which is like 30-33 pills anything more than that your ass is guna be on the floor and your not goin to have any idea what is goin on. ive heard people gettin up to 800-900mg and i dont know how they do it i took 600mg once and i was completly space out i was knocked out for most of it and it was an experince that i cant even really explain. MAKE SURE if your guna do this not to drive or anything like that cause its like being drunk be some where, where u can relax for 6-8 hours cause u wont beable to do shit. no nicotine either no cigs it will make u barf, this was confimed by a website on dxm also so dont try u will end up puckin the pills up and u wont trip at all OH BY the way atleast for me it always take about 2hours before the effects really start to hit you, dont make the mistake of thinkin its not goin to happen and then leavin the house or drvin or what ever.

    so lets review
    -stick with robotussin
    -only DXM in the active ingredients
    -takes about 2hours until it hits
    -dont take less than 300mg no more than 600mg
    -dont plan on workin or doin anything 2hours AFTER u take the pills
    -u can find the stuff and kroger or walmart find all the robo stuff and start lookin at the ingredints and find what u want remeber CoughGels are the BEST about $4
    -id eat alittle bit and hour before
    -DOnt smoke cigs POT is the the best woulnd mix drugs other than pot
    and have fun

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