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Dxm + Diphenhydramine Question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by aaronjru, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Alright guys,

    a little update here:

    I took 125mg of benadryl
    and 150mg of dxm

    not a huge dose, but i heard they make each other better, so im gonna go ahead and try it.
    i wanted to have a nice relaxing night at home without too much tripping anyway.

    if its worth reporting, i will.

    have a good night, fellas :)

  2. You are not allowed to ask for dosage advice....

    Let me google that for you
  3. No dosage advice in Pandora, although smokeweed beat me to it.
  4. dude "swim" is see through and EXTREMELY annoying because people abuse the fuck out of it,i mean swim is every other word.

    besides my god dph and dxm? terrible mixture

  5. I wonder how much pleasure you get out of being a dick for no reason?

    If you don't like something, why wasting time telling someone who gives absolutely NO shits about what some stupid guy on a forum is saying.

    Seriously, reply to this one, I'm just wondering. :hello:
  6. #6 Fijj, Oct 27, 2009
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    Seriously don't.
    Yes, the dose was higher for both (but only by a few pills). I felt my brain litterally dieing, like i mean i felt this heavy aura in my head, and it just kept on getting lighter and lighter(I can only compare it to getting a massive concussion, but in a state of mind were your tripping balls so it amplified the pain.) I then passed out, luckly my friend was there to care for me. He said i "woke up" like a minute afterwords, muttered something, and then went to sleep for a hour.

    Still don't feel normal.

    Thats just my experience though, maybe just a bad trip.
    I usually always take recommended dose of Benadryl when i dxm cause of the itching, but i was a retard and took too much.
  7. Yeah, after reading some of the effects on mixing them, ive decided on dosing 150mgs for each. I have a lot of experience with mind altering drugs, and never once have I had a bad trip. So I figured I would just kick back, watch some TV, maybe listen to my iPod and just let it happen. Im not really experienced with DXM, and took 600 mgs the first time I did it, which was ridiculously amazing.

    With my body mass i reached 3rd plateau. haha.

    Anyway, ill probably report back on it, even though they are both considerably low doses, and reporting on it will most likely receive no interest what so ever. But thanks for your concern mayng :rolleyes:
  8. I have to disagree, i used to mix DXM and DPH almost everyday for a few months. I LOVED it. But ive toned it down to about once a month.
  9. I took it once and i was burnt for days after wards. Taking it every day would probably put a hole in my brain. DXM is no joke.

    My friend told me to take a pill that would make me feel drunk. LOL I ended up going to the 3rd and 4th platue. I was on fire for a few seconds, in walls, in the ceiling, i was in another rhealm/dimension. Crazy/fun stuff.

    Id like to try Salvia. Ill probably go into that story more another time.

    DXM is not something that should be mix with other drugs.

  10. I think DXM is fine to mix with weed and DPH, because DPH is mostly just hallucinations so it just adds them to the DXM trip without distorting it.

    Salvia is fun, i got 20x and it barley worked. The first time i smoked it i had a mild trip, the next few times i had just a weird feeling from smoking it.
  11. Haha, the first time I did salvia, I smoked 100x and almost shit myself.
    I packed a fat bowl if it, and threw some hash on top.

    I thought i was a square :smoking:
  12. Someone who isn't me, cute.

    Anyway, whats up with OTC abuse?
  13. Economy raping people up the poop shoot.
  14. Actually my friend, it is probation who is raping SWIM up the poop shoot :mad:
  15. probation sucks, im getting off mine in a month :hello:
  16. DXM is so bad for you idk why someone would do it... but hey so are other drugs lol

  17. DXM isnt bad for you if used in moderation (once every few weeks).
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    Weed you can do with pretty much anything. Its week sauce.

    To the post above mine.. DXM leaves permanent damage you just don't notice it after one use. My friend died on that stuff so dont say its not bad for you.. It just wont kill you the first time if you take the right dosage well unless your one of the people allergic to it.

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