dxm and sleep deprivation

Discussion in 'General' started by ledfut, May 10, 2006.

  1. so here's my story. i've been up since 12:30 pm teusday. tonight i'm supposed to be doing dxm with my friend. as of right now i'm approaching 29 hours without sleep. right now i have a mild body high as my body wants to sleep, but i'm wired (also at work til 830pm).

    anyway, my original plan was to do 6oz @ 15mg/tbsp which would be somewhere in the 600s. so what i'm going to do is cut that dose to 4oz which is around 450mg. i'll post what happens.
  2. why not just sleep?
  3. a 4 oz bottle of robitussin at 15 per tbsp is around 354 mg of dxm, just to let u know

    unless you are doing something different like delsym or something with higher mg per dose

    just thought i should let u know
  4. because my friend is coming over. he's been chomping at the bit to try dxm (he's done shrooms and salvia).

    thanks for the helping with the math tokin. i didn't remember the exact math. i just remember that 4oz fucked me up pretty good. and with the unplanned sleep deprivation it should be a bit stronger.

  5. "Sorry I havent slept since tuesday" is what u should tell him.

  6. i would imagine so. sleep deprivation alone can make you hallucinate and get all around derranged lol so adding dxm into the mix could only intensify the feelings

    good luck, hope it goes well for ya :smoke:
  7. he knows i haven't slept, i've talked with him already. and our friendship is one that i can't puss out on an opportunity like this. i figure lowering my dose will level things out.
  8. its not going to like kill you or anything... but a good dxm trip drains alot out of you the way it is... if your tired you trip really sucks cuz you just get like burned out and sit around all jacked up but like completely beat at the same time

  9. exactamundo
  10. When I was on a cruise and stayed up for 3 days straight the sleep deprevation effects that I got were the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I pretty much started hallucinating and was acting completely cracked out. Would take too long to give a more indepth explanation but freaked me out really badly.
  11. tonight was fucking awesome. however, i'm now on 39 hours without sleep. so i'm off to bed to hopefully pass out.
  12. i slept for 7 hours and woke up very refreshed. anyway, here's my experience as best as i can remember.

    at 8:45 i drank the 4oz of maximum strength cough syrup (15mg dxm/tbsp).

    almost like clockwork at the 60 minute mark both my friend and i got numb and felt rubbery. nothing spectacular, but fun nonetheless.

    we peaked around 2 1/2 hours after consumption. the pictues on my wall were moving around. my friend had to go the bathroom. he said that when looking at himself in the mirror his mouth was moving around (apparently up and down in relation to his nose) and he said he felt 40 feet tall. also around this time i got this really empty feeling inside. my friend was like "i wish my girlfriend was here" and when he said that it made me realize that the one thing that would make everything perfect would be jayme in my arms (this girl that i really like).

    on the comedown i was still having some visuals (walls breathing and such). the empty feeling went away, and my friend and i were getting really talkative. so we went outside so he could smoke a cigarette.

    outside we split he cigarette (i'm not a smoker, but i was so fucked up and i needed smoke in my lungs as i'm taking a tolerance break). i took 3 drags and i got a head rush. i was looking at the pattern of spit on the driveway (i spit a lot) and it started moving around. my friend got the same thing. it was fun.

    we went inside and listened to some music while finishing the comedown. overall a very good experience. much better than the first time i did it.

  13. Sounds like u had fun. gj :smoke:

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