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  1. am i right?
  2. wayyy wrong dxm= Dextromethorphan which = dissociative
  3. dude i swear to god im drunk. but i took 400g? of dxm. idk
  4. In small doses, DXM make you feel as if your drunk.
  5. completely different drug bro.
    but those lower doses do feel as if you are, but with a slightly trippy side to it.
  6. nooo fuckin way man. you obviously need to go deeper into the dxm rabbit hole
  7. yeah i just took some dxm kind of scared that i might die but i know i won't, and now im worryinh that i might fuck my brain up for life.

    THis drug is pretty mad. Sorry im posting a lot i'm just at that stage were you do a lot of drugs...x

    dude im in the hole and its encuragement like that that really makes this experience better, hell im tripping sooooooo hard.
  8. Sounds like OP shouldn't do drugs. hahaha
  9. Dude this is my 2nd time on dxm so im tripping hard.

    But i can keep my sanity, my brain is just working at a lower level so my brain is sort of taking a break from college work.

    Nature says Balance is key. Now i know i can't study like this but once i get off this i will feel ok.
  10. You're probably on a second plateau trip. Which feels more like a drunken/really stoned kind of high with some dissasociative properties. If you REALLY want to trip out, try a third, and if you get comfortable with that, hit a fourth. I usually take 600-650mg for a trip and I weigh 55kg. That's a 11mg/kg to 12mg per kg of body weight trip. Right now you are on 2.5mg/kg to 7.5mg per kg of body weight. You've just touched the tip of the iceberg, unless you only weigh like 80-100 pounds, hahaha. DXM has a shitload more to offer then you think, you would be speechless from a 3rd/4th plat trip if you think the second plats are good.
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    i weight 150 which is below average but i took like 360mg of this shit and im not comfterbole taking more, in reality i think my peak is now

    maybe later ill try more
  12. No, trust me dude. I took 360mg my second time and thought there was no way I could take more, and I weigh a lot less than you! (120 pounds) I was honestly thinking that was it with DXM. What I didn't know was that although it was pretty strong, it was NOTHING like a higher dose. Third plateau and forth plateau trips make the first two feel like a waste of DXM. The time after that, I dropped 600mg just because I wanted a really mind-blowing experience, and it was MORE than worth it.

    According to your weight, you only hit about a medium level 2nd plateau dose of 5.3mg/kg. A second plateau dose is 2.5mg/kg to 7.5mg/kg. Third plateaus are 7.5mg/kg to 15mg/kg. There's a lot more of exploring to do, bro! So many fascinating visuals and revelations come out in the later doses, don't give up and stick to second plateaus. I had a very crazy trip at 650mg on Wednesday, and it was one of the most meaningful psychedelic trips I have ever had. I didn't even throw up.

    Dosage Calculator

    I'm not suggesting you jump into it and take a third plateau dose soon or something, just pointing out that there is a lot left to be discovered, so don't limit yourself forever. DXM can be an awesome drug.
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    +rep thanks bro for pointing that out.

    Thanks for helping me out, sorry if i miss some stuff you put down but my vision is all blurry and i cant read well.

    I took DXM last night too, so i think im gonna chill and next week ill try a higher dose.
    does this cause brain damage? cause if i knew it didnt i would go full out, but it just seems like one of those drugs..

    I heard about the disproveing on Erowid of the Onley Lesions or whatever but im still scared, idk if we can talk about it here.
  14. No problem man, enjoy your high. By the way, that blurry/spinny/strobing vision always comes out pretty hardcore after the trip starts to wear off with high doses. So be ready to somehow find your way to your bedroom and pass the fuck out after you're done tripping so you can get rid of the vision problems by the time you wake up, hahaha. Have fun dude.

  15. haha thank you so much for the warning.

    Dude i feel like your my saint man, you protecting me. Shit im high.
  16. Haha, of course, that's it. :p

    I'm helping out a fellow blade man. :wave:

    I know what you mean by that feeling where you get to be kind of emotionally happy and really appreciate people at that dosage. It makes you feel really high, haha. It always makes me feel closer to my friends whenever we take doses like that. DXM can kind of tune you into other people's feelings, and reveal your own to you. It's a really happy trip in my experience. Not like ecstasy but still, happy.
  17. I'd be afriad to take this with my friends cause someone might do something gay.
  18. You just gotta make sure you're with certified straight friends! :eek:

  19. lol, i know they are but me and my friends are like the happy smiley kids that are sexually active.
    So you never know.

    no homo. its a joke.

    Oh and the reason i dont wanna take a higher dose is because i threw up like a hour ago and it was tainted red, which was the color of the Robitussin CoughGels things that i took.
  20. Yeah, that's just undigested DXM that you threw up. If you hadn't thrown up, it probably all would have metabolized and you'd be tripping a little harder. I find that dosing, chasing with water and clear soda like Sprite or even sometimes I use a Gatorade, then putting some really fruity gum or a warhead in your mouth and jumping in the shower gets rid of most my nausea. I just wait 'til I feel like I'm beginning to come up, and once the nausea is gone I jump out, dry off, and by then the trip has began if the onset is really fast. I don't throw up when I use that method. When I just normally dose and go lay down or something, I usually throw up.

    Also, I'd advise you to take Pepto-Bismol or Benadryl about an hour to a half hour before you dose to help minimize nausea. :D

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