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Discussion in 'General' started by BMactoker, May 15, 2006.

  1. I want to trip on some DXm tonite and was wondering what syrup or pill would be the best to take. I did it once before and i think i overdid it with 2 bottles of vicks 44 (sweat for 8 hours and drank about 20 bottles of water).
  2. 2 bottles of vicks 44 is like 450 mg of dxm but its a bitch to drink down

    You can either go to the DXM faq that is stickied or get some Robo gel caps and take all 20 cause thats only around 350mg.

    Im trippin right now in robo gels and its good. Dont take Coricidin Cough & Cold its really bad for you and could possibly kill you.

    When you look on the back of the packages make sure the only active ingredient is DextroMethorphan something like that. You dont want the other stuff in your system.
  3. extract the dxm into a powder form for best effect :cool:
  4. I'm robo trippin like crazy tommorow man, got about 20 robitussin capsules(300) and im gonna down alittle travel bottle of robitussin. So in all about 540 mg so I should be nice and fucked up.
  5. i got some robi cough gels, 15mg DXm nothing else. Should i just drop all 20 and chill. I just got back from college and i dont want to be tripping all over my house not knowing what is going on. think im good?
  6. BMactoker, thats about 300mg which is enough to make you trip but it not like hard trip a pretty nice though give it shot you'll have fun.
  7. Did it last night and sure got fucked up. I'd try and go get a drink or take a leak and i swear i could watch the hallway rotate. Also, when i closed my eyes it felt like hte room was really reallly big and i was small. Didnt sleep until 6. Dunno the next time ill do that
  8. i usually do around 700mg of dxm when i trip.
  9. Are their any inactive ingredients you need to be worried about?
  10. you want to make sure that the only active ingredient is dextromethorphan. as other ingredients can cause nausea or even cause you to die.
  11. I know but i think there was a thread on here somewere saying that on erowid there is some inactive ingredients in some kinds of robo that can make you sick or some shit
  12. I had some real nice diarrhea when i was tripping too. Was it the DXm or should i rethink my nutrition.

  13. inactive shit don't matter
  14. Sweet, well in that case I got one hell of a night ahead of me:)
  15. anybody who takes DXM is clearly retarded
  16. Give me a break wakenbake. I've heard a thousand people say that about smoking weed, none of whom have ever smoked it. Don't knock it till you try it.
  17. sorry if someone said this already... i didn't read all the replies. but go to the dxm faq at the top of this forumn... and use the extraction method second post down.
  18. i for one enjoy dxm....its unexplanable though what happens....like i once took 300 mg of benadryl and if you beet the sleepiness you get from it, its so fun. your muscles dont want to work and your vision and mind gets allllll fucked up and detached. i did it while driving and sitting in the car and when i got out after it kicked in i had to have someone lift me up as my legs would not fully extend from the sitting position. then trying to walk was so funny because i felt all drunk like, but also my legs felt like they were about to collapse with every step. on top of that, everythin around you seems to almost pullsate making it hard to see where you are walking to begin with. i needed to almost be carried hahaha. i love walking on dxm, and the way you see everything...its like being drunk but u also hear shit, feel shit and think that shit is there when its not....not quite hallucinating, but pretty close.

    kk, that was a long enough post...had to get that out of my system. but yeah, im on probation now and they say that dxm can trigger false positives for PCP and whatnot. is that true? cause i miss dxm...
  19. my usual trip is 40 robo gells and a 4 oz bottle of robo long lasting cough suppressant or watever

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