DXM...3rd and 4th Plateau

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  1. Has anyone ever been to these levels? If so what was it like?

    I've been at about the 2nd after taking 600mg. To get to the 3rd and 4th you have to take well over 900mg allegedly. I heard at these levels it's a full blown hallucination and you're in a completely different world with eyes wide open.

    Please share your dxm experiences at the these levels :)

    I'm considering attempting 900mg some time soon.
  2. At 1100mg I lost my self, and became an entirely new entity. I thought I was being held captive on this planet. Ended up renaming my friends and myself.
  3. So if I bought a bottle of robogels with only dxm as the active ingredient and swallowed them all, would it be a good combo with weed. Ive never done dxm before. But I figure never doing it and being in between the first and second plateau my first time + weed would not kill me.
  4. I've been to both several times. I absolutely HATE 4th plateau trips, but appreciate them for what they are. 3rd plateau is a bit weird and uncomfortable to me, so I rarely dose to that point. Music sounds tinny and distant, I can't see shit unless I close one eye and strain the open one, and then I forget shit real easily. I'll get up to go to the bathroom, look at the toilet and then 2 seconds later I sort of panic because I don't know where I am or how I got there.

    I can only remember one 4th plateau trip...the others have just been too dissociative and uncomfortable to remember. On this particular one I remember the come up was really hard on me, and that I could kind of feel myself shifting from plateau to plateau as the DXM hit me harder. I got all the typical plateau symptoms, in order, until I just remember laying down, closing my eyes and simultaneously hearing a "snap!" At that moment I lost all feeling with my body.

    I didn't know where I was, who I was, why I was feeling the way I did, but I remember it being a real peaceful, reaffirming feeling. A few times I thought that I was going to die, or did die, and I was completely fine with that. I started to remember pivotal points of my life, and those points would play out in front of me in a sequential fashion, from my youngest memories up until taking the DXM. For whatever reason I couldn't remember that I had taken anything.

    At most points during the trip I felt like I was being watched, but everytime I would make an attempt to conciously acknowledge these watching entities I felt like my mind was just completely switched off. I was unable to form thoughts of my own, and the feeling of that is just way too hard to even try to describe in words.

    The visuals were extremely realistic, although most of them consisted of memories, or what I thought about my past. As I started to come off of the peak of the experience I could open my eyes to a world colored by shifting, irridescent mist, but all I was doing was seeing, not comprehending this world (although, I guess in reality I was comprehending it, because I can remember it...at the time it felt that I wasn't, though). That sense of being watched translated to randomly placed "port-holes" in my open-eyed world, but everytime I would shift my gaze to look at these port-holes they would morph into something else, and new ones would open up elsewhere. Whatever was watching me didn't want to be seen, I guess.

    The comedown was easy from there. I shifted in and out of open-eye visuals and a full-blown, close-eyed world for about 3 hours, and would often "snap-out" of this closed-eye world like I was suddenly being awaken from a deep sleep. After a while I came back to myself, and eventually fell asleep. The afterglow was like nothing I've ever had with DXM, and lasted 2 days. My pupils stayed dilated for about a day afterwards, and everything had a haze-like quality too it. Everything just looked real soft, if that makes any sense, and everything felt right in the world.

    4th plateau trips can either be amazing, or scare the hell out of you. I was scared for most of mine in the sense that fear just felt normal to me. It just 'was' and that's all that there was to it. I also panicked a bit at first because I could no longer feel myself breathing, but I obviously was, since I'm still here. That's when I had started to feel like I died, so it was a very short lived panic.

    My sitter said I looked insane. I would try to talk, but nothing would come out, and I was sweating profusely. He kept his distance from me so he wouldn't scare me. Don't attempt this without a sitter man.
  5. 1 bottle of robogels is about 300mg(20 pills, 15mg each). Since you'd only be at the 1st or 2nd plateau I think weed would be a good combo. Most who combine it with weed at a low dose claim it's quite enjoyable.
  6. Do you know how long that low of dose would last. Most reports have it lasting the whole day and even going into the next day. I just want it to last a few hours.
  7. No way man, my 600mg trip last night lasted about 6-7 hours. They will only be longer than 4-8 hours if you re-dose. If you take it all at once, you should be good.
  8. Ok thanks man. These are the questions that have kept me from doin this. Now I just need to set up a day and get some friends in on it lol. I'll take some benadryl before hand to be safe.
  9. Haha sounds like fun. I recommend doing some research on Erowid first if you haven't already.

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