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  1. i dont know the exact laws but im 18 and i just graduated . . . i was at a club in providence RI and i drank about half a liter of captain went in the club had fun grinded with the woman ;) but the problem is on the way home i was going about 95-100 + then i got pulled over(have a radar detecter but it didnt help for shit) cop said he had it off till he got on my ass so i got pulled over had to do the dumb test and crap but anyways i got handcuffed put in the back of the cop care and now i got a ticket for speeding and a dwi . . . i had an empty stomach so the lq level was still at .079 when i got tested the first time and then half a hr later i got .073 . . . dont put ur tougne up when doing that crap =p i dont really kno the laws i was just wondering if i have to show that up on my application . . . thanks if u wanna kno more just ask me . . . i was just about home that town i got pulled over in was right next to mine . . . figures ghey fuking cops
  2. you seem to be taking this pretty lightly.
    what are you talking about putting it on your "application?"
    not for nothing, I understand having a few drinks and driving home, still stupid, but understanding..but driving and going 90-100 I take it, mph? you act as though you are proud to brag about this just as much as the girl you were grinding with! this sounds like a fuckin joke to me.
    nothing (ie putting your tongue?!??! up?!?!?) will help you with the breathalizer..it reads what the level of alcohol is. you really think moving your tongue will differ that??
    anyway, what is your question
  3. I would like to know the same thing Sensi!!!!!
  4. ok to start i didnt know a thing about dwi's i looked stuff up and yah this is real serious i already am looking for an attourny . . . one im not that proud i just wanted to know a few things . . . two the club was banging il give it that.

    ohh yah and three i drank before i went in the club and i was completely straight when i got out . . . i had 3 passangers and they all said i was driving fine.

    if anyone has been in this situation please help me out i need to know as much as possible about this and if anyone is interested ill have the turn outs around 22nd 23rd matters what happens . . .

    edit: the reason i was going so fast(reall didnt realize) but it was because i had about a 2 hr trip home i was hoping to cut down on time . . . there wasnt a car on the road and thats how i got so f***** because the cop saw only me on the roads . . .
  5. well buddy i can help you as much as I can. I got my ass in that fire enough times. its why I thought it was a pretty ignorant and immature approach you were taking about all it.
    Ill tell you what, a lawyer is the first thing you will need. from there he/she will pretty much lay it all out for you. check your pms..I dont feel like writing all this out here..but maybe I can help if you are taking a serious approach to this
  6. Yeah... a few of my good friends have multiple dwi's...... the first thing you doo need is a good lawyer as sensi said....

    Dwi's screw you over for a long time..... Hard in the wallet too....
  7. can u explain the long run that i will be going along? how long? few years? 10 years? rest my life?
    i kno nothing about dwi's and i really need to learn so anything info helps a ton
    thank you

    edit: and if u can give me an estimate about what the prices are going to b on court and stuff . . . im going to b blowing my graduation money faster then i ever thought . . .
  8. what state are you in? your best bet is to retain a lawyer and ask him what your looking at..in NJ, surcharges will run you for a grand each year for the next three years. the lawyer I had, beat the dwi, the lawyer cost me 5 grand..you may not want to go that steep..and depending on the legal level of alcohol you can blow is probably different in your state from mine..other court costs and fines are pocket change compared to the big bills..
  9. i dont know if u pm'd me or not so im still writing this . . .

    is it really worth paying that much? i dont know anything about dealing with stuff like this. the law is .02 for anyone 18-21 and .08 for 21+

    if anyone knows a good way that i might b able to get this dismissed or even lower the charges ill get for it please reply or PM me

    Edit #2 . . . no location available . . . there are the breathalizer laws or lq limits . . .

  10. well the first time my friend got one.... he payed 1,500$ and got it dismissed with a prohibitory state on his licance......... and acod.... im in ny though

  11. theres a law (ed: meaning, they have a number for underage for the breathalizer) for UNDERAGE drinking? Ive never heard such a thing...I cant help you there buddy...I cant believe there is such a thing...
    underage is underage.
    either way, your what? 18? 19?
    19, you wont legally be convicted of the DWI, being .079 by law. LUCKY.
    the judge however may still take your license away for 3 months, seeing as though, you STILL DID drink and drive. be grateful. no matter what, show NO disrespect to the judge. you, I think will be fine...you may not want a lawyer...
    if you are underage, well....
    are you?
  12. im 18 . . . so i just barely am going to get hurt the worst because it stays on my record . . . but yah im in the process of getting a lawyer. none work sundays around here i dont know if thast everywhere but monday im going out and finding one if the one around here isnt familair with dwi/dui's then i got a site on the internet that gives me guys that have dealed with them in my closest area . . few hrs away
    hopefully this works out good ill def keep u guys up to date as i go threw . . . got the copies of my breath test in the mail today.
  13. assholes everywhere. i swear.
  14. talk with 1 laywer . . .3 to yet hear from and the one said all thats going to happen is this . . .

    30 community hrs
    250$ fine
    Alcohol School . . dont know how long
    suspended lisence for 3 months

    like i said ill keep u updated i still going to hear from 3 more.

    and i got a question . . if i had to go pee. which i did and he refused to let me is that against something?

    i had to when he pulled me over asked nicely and he said i could wait . . cuffed me put me in the back then still made me wait till the station . . . asked again and he had me wait till i started to like wiggle and then finally took me to a cell said here u go cameras are on u dont throw anything out.

  15. that sounds about right. the penalties you are facing. now are you retaining this lawyer?

    Im not sure about the bathroom thing. it doesnt seem to matter anyway. cops can be asses like that, not letting you go, and saying shit anyway theres nothing you can do about that, and Im sure no one is going to care about that fact.

    the alcohol class (IRDC) I had to attend I believe was 12 weeks. and of course I had to pay (had some insurance coverage to help pay) for it out of my pocket. it was a big bummer always having to find rides to the place (which was 40min away from me!)
    I never had to do community service, the judge overlooked that, but I think my fines were a bit higher. just keep in mind, your insurance will go up...you should find some information about surcharges, just to be prepared
  16. well im was preparing for more . . . and the lawyer said thats what ill probly get with or without him

    he didnt think u could really help me lower anything

    and about the bathroom thing i heard that they have to over look ur speed or something like that if thats the reason but it was a while ago and i didnt know how true it was . . . ty again for helping me out sensi

  17. i dont understand this statement..bathroom? speed? confused.

    ANYWAY, today turned out to be of some BAD and very ANNOYING news for me. I thought, the last (HUGE) payment I made on the surcharges, was the last one. Unfortunatly I was way off in my thinking and dates to the years..My final bill for my last $1000 came today in the mail. and I thought I was beginning to get myself a head of the game. *sigh*
  18. hey..... at least you'll get your driving capabilities back..... its a bitch though an i feel for ya...:( dwi's suck i've narely escaped a few myself..... i don't plan to be drinking and driving anymore.......considering 3 of my close friends can't drive due to it...

    edit...wow im shot....
  19. i went to court today . . . i was called up and read rights and stuff , . . asked me how i pleaded. i thought for a second and said guilty. he wouldnt let me plead guilty and made me have a new court date and go to some room. i went there it was for an atourny. i explained my situation and then i had to wait from around 9 am till 2 pm for the judge to see me again. so i waited and then at the end of the day they conferenced about me and are trying to get me into a program they have around here where we help out in a hospital with teenage car accidents so we see what happens.
    that will take away everything and once im done with classes my records clear.

    normal min was
    250 fine
    30 hr community service
    Lq Classes
    3 Month Suspension of lisence

    i got to go back in one week to see if i can get in that program if i can i will b so lucky . . . if not ill deal with what i did . . . ty everyone
  20. went to court again today and found out that i got to go to 5 RID classes and write a 500 word essay after. . . then its all cleared off my record and never happen ;) i got soo lucky but i have to go and watch what happens to people at the hospital from drunk driving accidents so that aint going to b fun...

    well ty everyone for the support

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