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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Chronitron, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Hey guys. This may sound dumb, but what does DWC mean? I know it's something in the realm of hydroponics but what does the actual DWC mean? haha I feel dumb.:confused:
  2. DWC stands for Deep Water Culture. It is an hydroponic, or more closely known as an aeroponic system. It is when there is a res that is completely light sealed so algae growth does not occur. Using an aquarium pump with some air stones cause highly oxygenated water to bubble on the base of the roots causing extreme growth. Not recommended for a beginner but with enough research anything is possible. Good luck man!
  3. OK. I know how to run hydroponics, I just haven't ever heard it called DWC before. Thanks for the explanation :)

  4. DWC and aeroponics are two completely different things. DWC is actually water in the res. with the roots sitting in water all the time. aero has a separate res. and sprayers that spray a fine mist of nute. solution on the roots.
  5. Check out my system.

    Easy to make.

  6. DWC is BEST for begginers i dont care what anyone says
  7. I agree with doober that DWC is great for beginners. My latest grow was a few in coco, a few in soil and a few DWC with all the same strain side-by-side. The coco and soil plants did fine but required more attention whereas the DWC grew like crazy, yeilded about double, and took half the maintenance. Now I only use DWC and I recommend friends of mine who are just getting into the hobby to do the same. Check out Rumpleforeskins thread on how to make a bubble bucket at the top of the Gen. Indoor Growing page. Those buckets work great. The only thing that I changed was I didn't put a sight level indicator on mine and I added a 100 GPH pump to mix the solution better. Good luck!

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