DWC with organics?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Agoutihead, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I've been growing in coco for a couple of years now and while I do love it and get good yields, I would love to give DWC a go and see if my yields can be increased considerably. Plus it will be nice to not have to worry about a medium for the most part.

    But I grow organically and want to continue that way. I use Nectar for the Gods and absolutely love it.

    Is it possible if the flow is kept high enough to keep the sediment to a minimum that a DWC can be success with organics?
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  2. I am thinking about the same thing. Hopefully someone with the knowledge will enlighten us.

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  3. I run a drip on my rdwc and run fox farms being organic as I can be. Some cal mg is not organic. But I don't have problems with sediments. All systems are different, just like people. It's basically like setting a cruise control and letting it ride.

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  4. If it comes in a bottle it is not 'organics '. You are fooling yourself

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  5. Organic 100% is too thick to run in hydro systems. Will get my air stones clogged.
  6. Yes. Been doing it for yrs. I do get clogged lines though. I do RDWC.

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