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DWC Waterfarms

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Herbalistics, Mar 30, 2013.

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    The black plastic washers serve two purposes.. First to spread the force on the rather thin skin found on most ice chests and the Igloos ... Second is as spacers to compensate for the not perfect length fit of the 3" and 6" cut off sprinkler risers I use.. This works because there are no rubber washers on the outside of the ice chest.. I use Teflon tape where it's needed.
    I'll post pics and try and cover as many of the details as I can.. I bought the 13/16" deep hole drill off Amazon, 6-7$, It was needed to get a clean, straight hole through the ice chest insulation... It also works for the center hole in the washer/spacer.. A 13/16 spade drill will work for buckets when drilling holes for 1/2" grommets. The old 1-3/4" hole drill I had on hand.. The plastic washers used on the outside of the igloos are cut from 5 gal buckets... I also had 1/4" and 1/8" abs sheet on hand from other projects. Plastic washers for the outside of an igloos, are cut from the sides of 5 gal buckets.. Almost all the parts I use, or adapt, are bought off the shelf from HD..
    Please bear with me as I go through this again, The pvc standing water column connected to the reservoir is what makes this setup work.. The water in the grow igloo, and the reservoir, and the water column are all the same level.. The drip ring will remove 5-6 gal an hour from the water column, which is then replaced from the reservoir... With the dripring adding 5-6 gal an hour to the grow Igloo, gravity will return the water, at the same rate, to the reservoir near the Ice Probe..
    When drilling the plastic washers/spacers, I drill the pilot with 13/16" drill, but not the hole itself.. That holes serves as the start hole for the 1-1/2 hole drill.. I drill out the 13/16 hole while holding the 1-1/2" plastic in a $2.99 clamp from HF..... The plastic washers I use on the outside of the igloos I cut from the side of 5 gal buckets.. Fits the curve of the igloo.. I'll not be using the igloo lid this time..
  2. very nice. I was considering something similar.
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    Kind of drifted away from this thread.. These are the two Waterloos before the foam insulation for the tubing. It was going well but the plants didn't make it.. Will be restarting as soon as i get new seeds.. This the system set up and awaiting new plants.. 90*f forecast for Saturday, I'll be running the Ice Probe for a few days soon, and taking temps..
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  4. I like what you've done to the place ;)
    Couple critiques for u to consider:
    I usually install the trellis during/after transition to control stretch.
    I like the coolers, I went this way, but not for the actual plant container, just the res.
    How are you planning to cool it down? Prob just an ice pack/bottle would work with the insulation.
    I was going to rip my res apart and line the inside with metal and install a couple peltiers on a temp controller. I was thinking of using a cpu cooler on the peltier and running excess heat somewhere away...
    It would be wise to purchase several 4 way PVC connectors and place them above the canopy to allow for side bar/double trellis for support if needed later on.
    Do you anticipate a problem with the roots clogging the system?
    My visionary mind sees side lighting, 4x132s or nice strips... in a cloudy future.
  5. I prefer my screens about 12 inches above the hydroton.. Toped one time at about 10 inchs.. Usually never veg more than 5 weeks... I aim to finish in 100 days with 8 weeks of flowering, from seed. .. I find it's not difficult with a fast Indica plant..
    After switching to 12/12, I keep pulling down the tips and moving out to a new position in the screen.. After keeping the screened plant as even I can, I let genetics determine stretch in flowering.. Here are 2 plants in Waterfarms.. Same everything for both plants.. Shared reservoir, same nutes for both plants.. Only used one fertilizer FloranovaBloom... The shorter of the two is a Blackberry from Nirvana.. The tall one was their Blue Mystic.. The size of the cola is, lets be optimistic for the grower, 90% plant 10% grower..
    General hydroponic waterfarm
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  6. Working on clones to restart this thread..
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  7. ok i'm subbed..great what you fab'd up..
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