DWC VS. Ebb & Flow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by glaxxy, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. If you've tried both, which got better yield and quicker growth? I want to hear your experiences concerning plant growth, not pros/cons of setting up the system.
  2. my hydro experience is with the waterfarm drip buckets and dwc 5 gallon bucket, im no where near the time i spent in the waterfarm and my results from dwc are amazing.
  3. Well I say go with DWC, Ebb+Flow and DWC are two of the same things!

    That being said I suggest going with DWC because it is more compact and versatile. You can keep your plants and your res in one place. Also DWC systems can be easily made larger or smaller without having to go buy bigger pumps or more timers. Also many plants can be fixed in one bucket especially if your growing small plants like my Lowryder. But remember it doesn't have to be a bucket: It could be just a large tupperware container or small garbage can or even a Rubbermaid toolbox!

    I would only have to use blooming Nutes and can continually add plants at any stage of growth due to the fact that there is no veg stage with Lowryder. DWC is the best Hydro choice in my opinion, I have seen them all. The only one that tops DWC is aeroponics; But fact is that DWC is just an areoponic system where the roots are aloud to hang in the oxygenated res tank.

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