DWC vs. CoCo experiment

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  1. Well...this is my second grow and just to make life harder I've decided to try 2 different grow methods and see what happens.

    Both are from a single 8ball kush seed (twins), GH Maxi dry nutes, 400w HPS.

    DWC: 5 gallon bucket with 3 airstones, and household water cooler to keep temp at 68
    CoCo: botanicare coco, 3 gallon Airpot

    Sprouted Jan 9... 4 weeks 18/6... this is day 2 of 12/12.

    already a huge difference in growth.

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    Which is which? Haha nvm looking good man
  3. The DWC is on the left ;) ... if it grows any faster I'm sending it to the store to pick up milk for me.
  4. how many times a day you watering the coco?
  5. It's 28cm tall and I feed it 2 litres a day roughly ( kick the bucket method ) with 900ppm nute solution. I think it might be overfed nitrogen...see what happens now that I'm switched to bloom nutes.
  6. Beginning to think this was a bad idea, the coco plant is 70cm tall and growth is almost stopped, DWC is 95cm tall...I'm outta space.

    Day 46

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  7. Day 33 of 12/12

    The DWC plant is 118cm tall, the white pistils haven't started to turn color yet. I let my ppm creep to 2900ppm by mistake but there don't seem to be any problems cuz of it.


    The CoCo coir plant is 94cm tall but seems fuller than the DWC, I accidentally had the main cola 3" from the HPS light for a few days, it should have caused a lot of damage but it seems only a few pistil shrivelled, I think the Silica protected it.

    And a family picture.


    Guess We'll see what happens next week.
  8. Problem? image.jpg
    The leaves on the main cola are curling ( barrel roll really ), I let my ppm creep to 2900 ppm and they may have been too close to the light...any ideas...perhaps this is normal when approaching the harvest window? Roots are very light yellow...they were white. Temps are 70 dark 85 lights on.....and the water is cooled to approx 68f.

    GH maxi bloom dry nutes...silica blast....hydroplex. now it's 900ppm PH 5.5
  9. Sounds to me like you've got it well under control (now) oh well sh*t happens, no ?
    You might want to remove those leaves with the worst damage - dead plant matter (even when it's still hanging)
    can harbor all KINDS of problems - bugs, mold & fungus, sh*t like that.
    Look like that coco might win out in the end ? I've got 1 bubble bucket in flower now, but with my sketchy ass power supply
    I'm  gonna stick with dirt. Might play with another hempy or 2 tho...
    They're lookin real good - screw a bad leaf here & there lol
  10. You think I should remove the full leaf or just snip the damaged part? I donno If the coco will win out in the end but she sure is nice to look at...really too bad these plants are a taboo...frig coffee table books...I want a coffee table AutoFem !
  11. Day 40 12/12 Day 71 total image.jpg

    Harvest time is supposed to be Days 50-60 and I should flush 10 days before harvest, trics are 50% cloudy so I'll shoot for the 60 day harvest.

    Coco plant had a baby....my first clone that rooted....baby picture. image.jpg

    and I'm starting a new grow tomorrow... image.jpg

    yes...I know...peppers! well whats the point in getting high if you got no hot peppers to put in your ice cream? huh?
  12. Congrats on the new "baby" - That monster crop takes a little longer to get growing but, When it does, oh baby...killer bush from
     the get-go.
    Oh, Any leaf in my grow that is "going off" gets yanked once it's 50% gone - my OPINION - it's using more energy than it's producing.
    AND it just looks like ass (not the good kind)
    Tho that bucket baby looks a lil taller, I gotta say I'm LOVIN the structure on the one in coco - looks like it'll pack some serious weight
    when they fill in during these last weeks.
    Outstanding effort yessiree........
  13. Day 41 of 12/12


    Coco bud, main cola


    Does the coco plant look like maybe i should start flushing for a harvest in 10ish days?

    DWC bud, main cola

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    Don't know if I'd rush to flush, but, not my baby...sorry.
    What I would suggest, beins how you scored a successful clone, is to start taking samples at day 49 & every 4-5 days after.
    That way, when you run the new one, you'll know when to chop based on YOUR preference.
    It's sometimes surprising how much difference there is between the effects of early vs later harvest times.
  15. Actually I had a branch break on the DWC about a week ago ....wasn't really broke beyond repair but I talked meself into thinking it couldn't be repaired...you know how that goes ;) there was 3 grams of wet flowers and I dried then down to 1/2 gram over a few days...didn't smoke that bad at all. fairly thc-eee buzz lasted a good hour...was as good as some of the crap I got on the street. Kinda takes the pressure off knowing If I have an emergency I can chop and all won't be a total loss :)
  16. Day 2 of flush, watering with declorinated tap water PH 5.7

    On day 7 I'll clearex it and harvest at 10...or if I'm doing a full flush will there be any significant benifit?
  17. Never used Clearex, tbh never heard of it til' now ...
    Lookin' real nice   :metal:
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    Day 53 of bloom ( Barney's farms estimates harvest between days 50 and 55)
    Day 7 of plain PH'ed water flush

    The DWC plant on the right has alot less amber pistils but 100% cloudy trics
    The Coco plant on the left is about 50% amber pistils and 100% cloudy trics

    DWC cola 3rd node from the top

    Coco cola and flower 3rd node from top
    image.jpg image.jpg

    Will most likely chop in 3 days....lowered dark temp to 50 degs F

    EDIT: Also you'll notice the DWC plant is shiny....it's been accidentally stressed and I believe this is the silica giving the plant a layer of waxy protection.
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    Boredom might be the death of my plants....while me and the cat was bathing in the warm glow of a HPS light I threw a little hash in the waterpipe and suddenly I got this excellent idea....I should harvest a medium size branch...you know...to make more light for the others even if I really should 2 more days so it will be a full 10 day flush. image.jpg image.jpg

    So it looks like I have 40g of wet....20% of the final weight perhaps would be 8g

    Heres the plan...dry in tent until weight is 30% of wet weight....12g
    Transfer to mason jars and open every few hours gradually increasing the time in between opening. until i only open to vent once a week. ( ya right...that bud won't ever see the inside of a mason jar ;)

    anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this process or perhaps something I might be doing wrong?
  20. Yer doin' it right, enjoy the fruits.....
    And I know what you mean about the "life expectancy" of a sample bud    :bongin:

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