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  1. okay so ive been taking little cuttings off the stunted asm for a few days now, i just smoked a bowl of shit i grew and im baked! squinty eyes and shit, nice, idk if its the weed, the mindset or simply the fact my buster always has so much crystal collected, i think the screen is blocked so it just sits with the weed. i smoked two bowls, it was harsh as shit as it hasnt even touched a jar yet, its for experimental purposes, last night i took a cutting off that weighed 2.2g today it's down to 1.4g, there's a stem but im gonna wait until it's atleast .75 before i try break it, ill put that in a jar and properly cure for a bit try with the gf as soon as i can :p

  2. August 14th Picture Update
    lets start with the auto skunk mass 1
    first harvest - early for experimental purposes ;-D because of coco transplant and shit im not worrying about ppm too much on this, im kind of already giving up on it, it is what it is....
    plant after harvest in coco:
    second auto skunk mass; much much bigger than first, maybe 3 times the size? buds are much prettier, everything is better but still not sure what im doing nute wise pre harvest, i think my mindset now is do nothing until plain water
    northern lights not auto: really getting bushy now, really stable ppm, trying to keep in darkness as much as possible but idk i get lazy and shit, hopefully soon though
    coco babies: blue hempy bucket is 5gal, other is way smaller, idk what im going to do transplant wise, probably transplant into giant hempy bucket like the first i promise NOT under grow light they look perfectly healthy, camera WB raped it though....
  3. You should suck it up and spend $15 on a 60-100x scope (420 scope). Then you can see your trichs and know what kinda high you're looking at instead of this guessing game shit.
    In my opinion breeders put the shortest time possible on the pack, not when its prime for your enjoyment. I like to run my "8 week" plants for 9, maybe a little longer. But its because I like more amber trichs for the stoney couch lock high, not the more heady kinda up beat from cloudy trichs. Don't always roll strictly with what the package says.
    Skunk mass was my first auto, pretty good smoke, towards the end it was checkered with bright green and purple calyx:D. Mine was in 3 gal soil and pulled ~15g dry. Your healthy one looks easily twice as bushy.
    Really though. Get some kind of scope. Even if its just a 40x loupe. It'll help.
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    fine, i'll work on finding one >.<
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    august 15th 50d shoot :D
    auto skunk mass 2
    asm2 4tgre.jpg
    asm2 3.jpg
    genehtik northern lights (about 5 weeks old now, still no flowering)
    gen nl1.jpg
    gen nl2.jpg
    Delicioos iL Diavolo - only like 3 weeks old and i see white hair
    delicious il.jpg
    delicious il2.jpg
    First Hempy Bucket (bigger than other seed btw)
    blue hempy.jpg
    Coco baby - Mazar x White Rhino #2
    coco baby.jpg
    Started germinating first Barney's LSD too, around 4pm didn't use sensi grow a+b 1ml/L this time, instead used 3ml of botanicare veg 1part stuff, we'll see how it works, im almost out of sensi grow....
  6. Fimming that diavolo?


  7. hell no, im not doing shit, its a quick auto im not even tying down, i rotate very occassionally ill plant both seedlings in 5gal coco hempy and do a screen next though hopefully my kalesh clone takes and joins the fun, oh plus my barneys lsd, 4 plants shoiuld fill a 3x3 screen quick
  8. yeah my sour blueberry is filling 3x3 by itself lol i wish I didn't have such space constraints but gotta Work with what you got. Cest la vie


  9. realluy? how long has it been vegging? when will you flip?
  10. holy fuck my 1960s microscope is working and it's amazing, i have prob 5% amber now so it's only gonna get fatter :D:D:DD:D:D: how long is the time frame in this picture? from 5-10% amber to 30% amber? is that over night, over a week? any ideas at all? it's an auto so i don't think age really matters or flower time in this case, what's a general guide line? how often should i be checking?
  11. It'll be a slow gradual change atleast that's how mine is but not an auto so idk for sure


  12. well lets hope! theyre getting right fat now, im mind blown for first grow im very satisfied with myself, should be an excellent winter....knock on wood
  13. i chopped up first auto skunk mass, the shitty one, it's now drying in my ryot box waiting for the jar xD the jar is what gives it it's smell and taste no?
  14. Yeah slow cure makes it delicious.


  15. whats the minimum? 5 days?
  16. Week minimum I'd say but depends on buddy and how dry before into jar. Pros probably cure forever but I can't wait I already waited the whole veg and flower time lol


  17. that's pretty much how I feel, ive got to find a humiditiy test thing for my jars
  18. idk how long kalesh clone has been rooting so i through in tent, what's the down side if it's too early? veg tent btw
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    Lights are on so pics are bad, bud isnt focused, but almost the size of a lighter, lil baby stem too haha

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