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  1. Heat is your issue.

    Black buckets will absorb heat.
    25degrees for the res soupbus too hot.

    I used white buckets and wrapped in reflective tape. But its expeno.
    Just wrap everything in poly sheeting.

    Im letting the plant drink 3-5 litres before filling it up again.
  2. perfect, yeah i been doing some research i think temps too, ill get in the habit of adding ice :D it may raise the ph since its tap water, but ill keep an eye on that too, its only 2 months of this shit then its freezing here and wont be an issue.....can i just get a 3x3 thing of white poly and lay over plants? i dont have to wrap each bucket right? if theyre all the same height? just cut a slot for plants and good to go?
  3. Whatever works man
  4. Because the light is vertical opposed to being in a reflector my plants are growing side ways, any chance this could be beneficial for a screen? I'm starting to bend over the plants and tuck fan leaves under new growth, is it ever okay to cut the big fan leaves? I'd post pictures now but idk how to on my phone anymore so I gotta wait until I get home I guesss
  5. pic time, 7/17 5pm
    i just taped a large fan leaf from each Auto Skunk Mass down, time to bush them out!
    first plant, which started off much quicker but has bad root problems still, though i do see new white growth, i imagine cutting off the old shit would stunt too much, its gotta be close to flowering.....
    second plant, the one i was gonna kill for space, is now the best by far, bigger, has a much more natural auto skunk mass look, taped it down making the smaller shoots bushier :D
    NL is starting to get bigger, still a lil babe though, really dont know anything about it, i know when i'll LST it though.....
    Anyone have any knowledge on pruning during flowering with auto flowers? does it cause stress? should i do so to let light get to new growth? what about fan leafs? i know theyre like solar panels for plants but does cutting a fan leaf to let light penetrate to new growth cause more harm than good?
  6. pulled out two more auto seeds today, going to germ in grodan cubes not sure if ill bother with buckets or coco, figure i have a few days to figure it out right? buckets seem like too much hassle and too many problems, but who knows, maybe it just takes practice and im giving up too quick
    new seed genetics are Delicioous Il Diavolo, not sure what to expect but here it goes! http://www.deliciousseeds.com/del_en/il-diavolo.html
  7. pic time 7/22 - the two skunk mass are a month old now....
    first skunk - roots before h202 deep fry....
    second skunk - not terrible roots...
    northern lights - nice white roots
    still nothing on the two il diavolo seeds :(
  8. Hey plants are looking good super stoked to watch your babies grow! I'm not a hydro lady myself so I can't help with that  :confused_2:  I saw you asked about lst, I normally start when they hit the fifth node and then start bending them to my will.  Sorry to hear about the seeds.. did they ever pop for ya?
  9. Northern lights looks mint
  10. omg i forgot to check my tent today (usually i rush home after work).... lets see if i have a new baby....
  11. first diavolo is born!
  12. does anyone care? lol
  13. any suggestions?
    biggest... its amazing...
    first and oldest.. but stunted...
    new baby
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    good camera at same time as last pics, so earlier today just before lights came on, 4:50pm
    also just so i know i changed water in both veg plants today, will do flowering soon, the ppm is so high on the flowering that it uses like a quarter of my tester bottle a try.... soo idk ive been holding back on the botanicare bloom and going heavy on the big bud by AN since it's in the 2-4 weeks :D
    first asm
    second asm
    northern lights after lst before adjust
    last auto seed i own!
    some other notes: light went down to 18/6, power bill is redic, so are temps.....
    im using botanicare pure blend pro with advanced nute big bud and bud candy, still no ppm meter, i hear the ph isnt accurate anymore but whenever i test ph it seems fine? still using strips so not accurate...
  15. finally bought a PPM meter today, also bought regen-a-root? guy at hydro store recommended it for root rot and fixing ugly roots, said aquashield was more of a protective, plus it's 1ML per L which is nice, the bottle will last forever.... lets just hope it works...
    also got fan control so ill be dailing that shit down! 
    current tds 
    ASM1 1420 (that was me guessing)
    ASM2 773
    NL 675
    I still have to check plain tap water.....
  16. auto skunk mass 2
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    root problems are only getting worse, the first auto skunk mass almost has no roots, and the ones it does have arent white, theyre small and its bud size is showing the effect of shitty roots, idk if it'll last to harvest, truthfully not too concerned, ill be happy to get the extra hydroton, i learned from my mistake (buying shit from specific store sold me white lid that started root rot problem)
    second auto skunk mass is doing better, but not sure by how much, im tempted to put plain water in bucket for a few days, with little nutes, the root rot seems to be getting worse on this bitch too, not by much, not really seeing a difference with the regen-a-root on any of the plants... may have to change water again for second day in row, buckets get dirty / kinda stinky quick
    Northern lights still looks good, roots are massive (havent had ANY root problems yet, knock on wood) so im guessing this is what's suppose to happen, on other hand it's growing fast and still not flowering, leaves seem a little frail but other than that all is well!
    Diavolo isnt doing anything quick
  18. put two mazar x white rhino seeds in cubes, waiting for them to pop now, 1ML sensi a+b in a L of water... lets see how long it takes
  19. Hey dude, Aquashield and H2o2 treatments do not mix. Aquashield has beneficial bacteria in it, which will be oxidized by the H2o2.
    Your roots looked nice and healthy after the peroxide bath, but they can go back to being slimy if you dont get your rez temps under control. Either way, you have to pick: Sterile Rez, or Beneficial bacteria. you'll be throwing your money out the window 'til then. A side note: most city water supplies use either chlorine or chloramine to sterilize the water. It will kill some bacteria from the Aquashield.
    I saw a post earlier talking about lowering the temps with Ice cubes...It is better to use a capped water bottle with frozen water in it. You wont have to worry about the ph water being off, because the water wont mix. Its also easy to exchange them. Best of luck getting your problems resolved!
  20. if im using tap water (same tap water to make icecubes) does it matter? only reason im using tap water is because after putting all my nutes in the ph is perfect every fuckin time, if i use distilled or RO i have to add chemical ph up and i dont know what products have beneficial bacteria in it, i think its only the canna one i have now :p think my regen a root is just water soluble K 
    everyone made such a big deal on water temps, and i truthfully believe thats an issue, but nothing like a little bit of light getting through lid, the second your roots get the light root, its over, ive been chasing for almost two months now and my oldest AF isnt gonna yield anything, oh well learning experience...
    one of the mazar x white rhino is going to pop either tongiht or tm,  i guess ill be staring my hempy buckets soon :D im going to grow in hempy, finish my dwc buckets, when theyre all empty either fill tent with clones in dwc  or just flower both hempy buckets, think 2 plants could fill a square meter  with a screen?

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