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  1. 7/3 - shame to whoever fucked up the iphone app, now all my image sizes are huge....
    first asm - such close nodes, never seen anything like it!
    shitty asm - no roots coming through today, but i can see some, so maybe tomorrow, im thinking maybe lowering water level even the cube is wet constantly any chance thats it? idk how the cube is still wet, i need to buy more hydroton but they dont sell small quantities and didnt want to fork out the cash for a massive bag when i need to top off my two plus fill another bucket....
    last clone roots... is this rootbound or am i good?
    still no sign of northern lights....


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    added 3ml of hydrogen peroxide to each bucket, first's roots are starting to stray from white, heard it may help, i wouldn't call them brown yet, maybe yellowish tinge? smaller plant in bigger bucket is starting to take off i think, still doesn't look healthy though im not loving it, now my big plant in the black bucket one lid, im worried light is getting through the lid, could that be why roots are slightly discoloured? another week until payday so won't have a ppm meter for a bit >.< other issue is water temp must be over 22c....
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    7/4 today is a rain day, no work so im updating again, i just realized my timer wasnt set right, was doing 22/2, probably since i moved tent to window but idk, so i switched it to 20/4, light is off now so i figured ill take some pics ;-D
    i pulled out my good camera instead of my iphone, i used a 3000k lightbulb and set the white balance to the same, some i used flash though so... there's no tint, the only editing i did was increasing shadows and other minor tweaks to make the picture as life like as possible, its not every day i use this camera soo enjoy?
    big girl
    small girl

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  4. indoor under the MH light, how tall do i wait until lst? is it safe to keep lst when shes flowering? or do i have to act soon if im going to?
  5. Plants look good.

    Not sure about lst sorry
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    @[member="Dkz8"] think the small one is bouncing up? think the yield will be quite a bit smaller than the first if its one day younger? is it just wasting space in tent? or am i being too aggressive at killing? :p should i be adding a few ml's of food every day or nah still no signs of toxicity...
  7. The small plant looks good. Just leave it in there. Its still growing. Might not be as good as the other but it is still growing
  8. As for nutes. I just start mine in the bucket straight at 450-500.
    But i had about 5-7 roots out bottom of rockwool.

    My 2nd plant isnt taking aswell as the first. Also didnt help that i set the ph in the morn, worked the double (start 8am get home 10pm), came home to ph at 4.1... did not help. But ph was smooth yesterday. Im sure it will kick back.

    Just as yours will.

    You really need that ppm meter dude. You cant be guessing nute levels... well you can, but its missing the whole point of dwc
  9. the carbon filter won't make much difference to the noise. I use acoustic ducting, this helps a little.
    yeah metal halides are great for keeping the internodes nice and short.
    I wouldn't buy LEDs, especially if you able to use hps.
    the 600w dimmable sounds like a good plan. I have never used a 1000w, I would prefer two smaller lamps myself
    a new ballast will last many years, it's hard to put a figure on it but a digital ballast as they are pretty recent development. I believe 10 years would not be unexpected
  10. re: LST, you can train it as low as you need it, but if you have enough height I would just let it grow natural. but as long as you don't cut anything off you should be fine. at this young age you really want a minimal dosage of nutes. about an 1/8 - 1/4 of the recommended dosage. they probably require around an EC of 0.35 I would say at this point
  11. well the one with the white lid is having root problems, good thing ibought that kit..... i put tin foil changed water flushed roots tried to get as much off as possible, also added a little bit of h202 the first and good plant is now shitty while the second is taking a skunk look, not as dense......
  12. Dont use tin foil dude...
    Radiates heat.
    Black n white poly is what you want.

  13. both eh, damn.... what can i use in the mean time on a budget? would covering tinfoil with something white be fine?
  14. Buy a black bucket lid.
    Spray paint the lid black.
    I dunno man...

    Poly is cheap as fuck. Get some.

    Dont use too much h202.
    I did and the whole plant looked like it was dying after 30min in the water.

    Flush your roots. Clean everything.

    But really you need to stop light getting in.

    Temps alright? If temps are too high its gonna make it worse.
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    i just bought 3 3gal buckets to match the black one i have, its much better design (light proof and now all buckets are 3gal same height and dimensions) i did spray paint the old lid though.... i have to get a few more 5 inch air stones but that 9lpm air pump with 5inch air stones is lovely, im hoping its enough oxygen through the whole cycle.... the guy at the hydro store says as the roots grow the amount of water he keeps in buckets decreases, using only ppm/ec  do you guys do the same? i figure it could decrease water use but maybe increase how often you fill? plus more oxygen to the roots no? also, once the roots are dangling through do you ever dump a cup from bottom through top of hydroton to get the cube wet? or not needed and probably more damaging?
    went to local store and saw a fuckin 400w mh bulb for 20$ 4000k i think? it looks brighter than my old old, any suggestions to test it out? i guess a light meter would do that eh... temps seem to be running a little hotter if thats possible?
    ordered a ppm meter online because its so much cheaper who knows when it gets here... ps im up to 4 buckets now, only 3 plants though..
    im starting to have an assortment of nutes now, both ph up and down and i got a cannazym, guy at store said it would help get rid of rotting roots (canna product, it was cheap so whatever ill try) anyone have any ideas on the doseage? the instructions suck...., ill take a picture of how the first plant is now in the bigger bucket, i basically cut the middle of lid put the bucket it was already in in the lid bucket and filled with growstone, we'll see if i can save them, or if its even worth it, ive got the fourth bucket ready but im not starting my last two auto seeds until i have ppm meter
    isnt the problem with letting grow natural different distance buds from light meaning very varying quality bud?
  17. Mine has started flower.
    Its drinking 1L a day of soup.

    I still mix up 15L of soup each res change. Roots make a lil difference.

    I never top feed. The bubbles spray a mist over roots above water level. No problems with that.

    I just asked for the most expensive hps globe. 6700K. $35
    Apparently digital ballast will increase brightness aswell, but saved on cash for the moment.
    Im just using it straight through.

  18. so in my buckets, should i keep the water level always just below buckets? after roots are coming out bottom and shit? 
    my small stunted plant is now the best by far, the first is still fucked, i hope itll come back but not having too much hope :p ill upload in a few...
    still no ppm meter, i spent way too much partying this weekend and wasnt going to pay 135$ at the hydro shop when i can get it online for 135 WITH my sensi ph perfect bloom shipping including from the same site i got my tent..... so ill do that next pay, truthfully speaking i thought i did order it before i went partying then realized i didnt lol oh well, theyre all looking good, im getting better at reading maybe....
  19. Pic time

    7/14 7pm

    First asm, terrible root problems causing the fucked look I think :(

    Second asm, fell and lost roots they're starting to come through bottom, I figured pretty
    Much dead when she fell but now looks okay, oh and best part,,, first white hairs!
  20. tried to make an easy cloner, woke up my coffee tin leaked water all over tent, so fuck it i give up cloning for a bit i guesss......
    it doesnt matter what i do, i cant get the first plants root rot to fuck off, i can change the water every day, raise the water level, lower it letting more air and it makes no difference at all, its just brown and stinky, i even deep fried in h2o2 for like 20 mins then flushed
    that canna shit thats suppose to help isnt doing anything, though maybe on the other plants its helping prevent? ive got a 9lpm air pump with only 3 hoses being used, 5 inch round air stones, like wtf they should be getting enough air no? i dont fucking get it all containers are same lightproof now, ive got a way better fan and duct system, tent temp doesnt get over 25c so id imagine the water is cooler? or maybe not because black buckets? could heat be the problem? even white paper could cool down a few degrees no?
    anyways the second auto skunk is flowering, slowly but surely, i got both ph up and down now so im trying to make it perfect, when topping up because i still dont have a ppm meter im just mixing 4L water with nutes and adding to the two buckets as needed, keeping the reccommeneded ratio alike.... idk what else to say theyre not loving life like my outdoor plants........ 
    auto northern lights is starting to be worth mentioning, i really know nothing of the genetics in terms of harvest time but theyre autos idc its practicing dwc right? :p
    right now shopping list consists of ppm meter, might buy a duo with digital ph too, need some sensi bloom 2part and i think i should be good? any suggestions what i'm missing? my mh light is 4000k i know i should switch to hps but honestly my ballast is old and to do that id need a new digital one and i spent too much partying within the last few weeks, i need to get my shit together jeez.....
    @[member="Dkz8"] RIGHT NOW your big plant, whats the water level like? is it just below bucket still? even though there's sooooo many roots just sitting in water? hydro store said water goes down as roots get biggger to make for more oxygen but idk....

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