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  1. First seed is far better than second.... Roots growing by the minute I think!

  2. Skunk Mass was my first auto. Nice beginner for sure. Lime green and purple colored buds, nice skunky stank to it. Nice uniform growth, branchy, not too many leaves to block buds.
    Wanna say a 3gal smarty yielded about 21g. Nothin too special. But hey your in DWC so it'll probably be somethin crazy!

    Looking good by the way!
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    thanks mate, 21g, really? i think its cheaper to buy weed than pay for the fuckin light bill....... maybe im over killing it with 400w mh......
  4. Like I said, that's soil. And its not like I only ran one single plant haha.
  5. very true, i plan on getting a third bucket... did you do a journal? did they flower automatically? what cycle did you use?
  6. Yeah I did but hell it was when I first started here a couple years ago.
    Yeah, they flowered just like they're suppose to.
    I ran them on 18/6 I'd suggest a 20/4 or even 24/0 for autos. They finish way faster, probably a couple weeks.
  7. really? it's that drastic? okay I will! thanks a lot
  8. The days the post on the package are based on 24/0 I'm pretty sure.
    I've grown an auto that took 5 months before. Was 24/0 for its first month then went to a room of 12/12 and took 4 months to finish. Although it was the heaviest yielder I've had for an auto, its top cola was 42g dried and the rest were about 20g.
    So yeah, the more light the better for autos.
  9. this was an auto grown in DWC
    you can do a lot better than this. this was under just one 20watt CFL for the first 5 weeks and then a 250watt hps for the next 5 weeks

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    Wow, that's definitely something to aim for.. probably not first grow :D
    also, if i have two dwc buckets not connected, how many big of an air pump? each bucket is around 3Gal, i plan on getting a third possibly a fourth
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    July 2 2013
    First problem, second seed (which journal says popped 23 a day after the first but im a stoner so might be wrong idk) obvious size difference...... plus the leaves themself look shitty, should i chop and start germinating another auto? or too easy to cut loses?
    my theory is i left in rockwool too long and it became rootbound, stunting autos = shit right? should i just start germinating another seed? gonna go genehtik northern lights auto i think.... http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/genehtik-northern-lights-autoflowering-feminised-seeds-3388
    slow grower.... first picture before work this morning, second few mins ago...
    IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0083.JPG
    First skunk mass before work.... and after under mh lights.....
    IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0081.JPG
    what I think is kush van stitch, still no signs of flowering...  i think ill toss back outside keep tent dirt free lol...
    clones... root bound & i think 2 show signs of heat stress but i got that situation under control now, too bad i dont want the clones just wanted to try rooting :D any quick suggestions for pre flowering? just pure darkness or 12/12 for a few days?
  12. Has the slow one got roots out the bottom of net pot? Is it in a bubble bucket atm?
    Ppms & ph?

    I keep my rock wool cubes with seedlings in a hot house. I imagine they dry out pretty quick just being under the light.
  13. there air pump really does need to be as big as possible. more air = more bud. the pump I used on that one pictured was a 10litre/minute. I wouldn't use less than that. the bigger the pump the noisier they are and they really can get noisy.

    it shouldn't become root bound in rockwool because the roots can grow out of it. it may have been kept too wet perhaps. rockwool isn't very good when it's wet. I germinate seeds in the tiniest piece of rockwool pushed in to the clay balls. I let mine germinate there and they do ok.

    that plant looks ok to me, how old is it? the very short veg time is very important with auto's as you want them to get as big as possible in that short amount of time. there really is no time for cock ups.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you asked about pre flowering. pre flowering is what photosensitive plants do while in veg. you don't make it happen, they just do it when they are mature. usually around 3-4 weeks. if you mean just flowering, yeah stick it on 12/12 and it will flower. no need for extended dark periods. they can't photosynthesise in the dark so I can't see that helping the main goal.

    it may be your first go but that plant pictured was a cast off and was going to be binned. it only had a 20w CFL over it for the first half of its life. don't get me wrong, I was very pleased and for the second half of its life I gave it everything it wanted, or at least what I thought it wanted anyway. it didn't have any problems so it did well considering
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    large has roots coming from bottom, small does not
    thanks for taking the time to write these posts, by the time i put the rock wool in the bubble bucket there was more than 5 visible roots at bottom of rock wool, don't think it got too wet as i didn't keep in hot house, like i said exact same conditions for other seed and the other is fine, im looking at pictures of the first from a few days ago and the smaller plant is only a couple days behind, i'm jumping the gun, even the biggest isn't two weeks old, i'm going to keep these two going in buckets (i don't know ppm i'll buy a meter next pay) and ph is around 5.8 but i don't have a digital meter sooo idk like i said, same nutes, water from the same 5 Gal jug i picked up at store, light, the plants are beside each other, i guess i'll go to hydro shop next pay and just buy a sweet pump, i have a valve already that turns one tube into 3 pumps with turn offs for each, so the only thing im limited by is air, but then i think, if im going to dump that much money into a pump, should i get a water pump? rdwc? :p the other idea is get away from dwc and research other methods... dwc just seemed easiest but i hear its not the best.......
    as for flowering, i was talking about the rooted clones (not autos) and typed pre because i was high and reading posts trying to answer myself haha
  15. I wouldnt put the clones on 12/12 with the autos. As this will slow autos down heaps.

    Im running 18/6 at the moment. Will change it to 20/4 on the weekend when i have time to program 4 timers.

    Just stick it out for the moment.
    Really need the ppm meter. Digital ph meter isnt nessicary but helpful. I also have vile ph tester for when i doubt the digital.

    The air pumps do get noisy. Had to turn mine down to half last night due to woman complaints.
    Gonna put some foam underneath it in hopes of reducing vibs.

    Get the digital meters and an airpump n you should be sweet.

    As far as dwc...
    Now that i have two it is becoming a slight hassle.
    Really want ebb n grow.
    Seems much less maintenance.
  16. yeah fuck it, clones are gone kvs is transplanted outside... i think the lighting is 20/4 now, i am germinating a northern lights auto though
  17. Just out of curiousity, why are you getting autos?
  18. they look amazing considering you don't have a ppm meter. when you do get one, you will be able to give them the exact strength solution as they require so you should see a boost in growth. but to be fair, you can't be too far off.

    you may want to go to a pet store for an air pump. often you can get the same pump but for less money.
    to lower the noise level I hang mine from a hook with a rubber cord. a bungie would also work well

    the "best" system is the one that's most suited to you. DWC is the simplest method. the nutrient solution and PH can vary more than other systems because the roots are suspended in the reservoir having access to all the nutrients in there. the only thing it lacks is oxygen levels. a bigger reservoir and bigger air pump will help but can only take you so far. flood and drain (ebb & flow) systems can be more productive. I say "can" because although they give the roots much more oxygen, they do require nutrient ratios and strengths to be more spot on. as does the flood times.

    for grows with large numbers of plants DWC can be a bit of a pain when it comes to general maintenance compared to say a single flood table, but there are so many variations of each type of system anyway, it can just be a case of tweeking things for yourself. I have recently built a flood table but ran in to some major problems with lack of oxygen. I almost lost the plants. I have adopted a strange system now, it's sort of a cross between DWC and F&D, with some of the benefits of both. I'm still working on it but the plants are growing fast
  19. I can PM you if you'd like, short answer psychological move to ease others into it
    Thank you sir! the one plant i'm kind of doing my own formula, because i don't have ppm, i'm slowly increasing the nutes ofcourse very slow, and still no sign of too much, the small one on the other hand, it's shit, it really hasn't grown much over night, where the large root mass is completely different everytime i check, i'll upload some pics in a bit, roots arent as white as ive seen in some pictures, they have a brownish tinge to them, using sensi grow ph perfect, its leaving a residue in bucket same colour soo....
    i went to pet store and bough the worlds shittiest pump, so ive gotta get another, i was going to stop beating around the bush and just go to hydro store and get an obnoxious one, it cant be louder than my fan, which is so loud i didnt hear my alarm clock today and went to work late >.< normally wouldn't complain but i drive with a co worker and it's more time to hang out...  will a carbon filter itself drastically reduce noise? i have the tent vented outside and you can hear it from my front porch >.<
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    also, the mh light is fucking insane, it's my first grow using it and it's unreal, the whats the word, im drawing ablank leaf sets on a plant.. well theyre like fucking touching, it's amazing, the complete opposite of stretching, i've never seen anything like (havent been gardening for that long really) but hot damn, i was going to invest in an LED but i think i'm just buying a 600w dimmable to 400w ballast, for current set up, rock 400w, but when it gets cooler (not mid summer) jump up to 600w
    could i buy a 1000w ballast dimmable and put a 400w bulb in? or probably better to save the extra bucks now, and if i have to upgrade later, upgrade? also whats the life on a new ballast? if you're going grow after grow non stop, a few years id hope?

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