DWC - Secret Jardin DS90

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  1. I'm POSITIVE my clones are revegging now! how amazing!

  2. Transplanted some healthier looking clones into coco 2gal pots.. Lights are on sorry for white balance...[​IMG][​IMG]My dinafem auto cheese supercropped[​IMG]My random yellow plant.. No idea why...[​IMG][​IMG]Transplanted one thc bomb into dwc gonna do one dwc One coco[​IMG]
  3. thinking ive been going to conservative on feeding these veg plants, i mixed a high solution for auto and gturned light to 400w and its loving ife so much
  4. just fed them around 700 today
  5. it's been like a year since i checked this thread, and i can't believe it, the changes in my life, I went from a boy to a man. I was living in a ghetto, i see pictures that im like holy fuck i cant believe i did that shit, two grow tents in the same room i was choppin outta, man that was crazy times, ive got a new place now, and doing one auto at a time, not even setting up my tent anymore, for those interested in following, here's where my new journal is... http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-medical-marijuana-growing/1324687-nonfiction-back.html

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