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    First DWC, first auto skunk mass, first indoor, lots of firsts here, starting with the equipment, bought a drkstreet 3 secret jardin grow tent from hydroshop.ca, shipped quickly and free :eek: herbie's took a bit longer XD 
    right now i have a topped kandy kush plant in the dwc bucket in a grodan cube, i dont think its going to root was more of an experiment until my auto skunk mass got here XD i bought a three back, lost one, put one in a grodan cube and have one backup just incase, (maybe ill find the seed but doubt it, im retarded dont want to talk about it, i'll order more auto seeds soon, ill do more research find some solid genetics and then order, right now it's first indoor / dwc so i just got cheap autos lol might have been bad idea but we'll see, i have an outdoor grow too i'll put both in my sig
    using distilled water, 10L bucket (should be big enough for autos no?) as for lights, just CFLs atm, thinking of buying a 250/400 watt ballast with 250 hps bulb idk, does the hydro itself have a smell?
    i'll upload pictures when there's something to see, I skipped the presoak and just stuck it in the grodan cube (ph balanced) june 18th, we'll see how long it takes to sprout

  2. Subbed.

    Im a few weeks ahead of you. But ive got 400w dwc autos. Just two buckets in a wardrobe.

    Are you keeping a journal? :p auto skunk mass?
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    Upgraded light to 400w MH, old, it was probably a grow light ten years ago so its not brand new / super bright for the babies, theclones i have in the tent are gaining colour, but the temps are hot, hard to keep the tent cool, im around 28c with a fan exausting through roof, so far best way to keep it cool, seed is under and gained colour like the clones, it's growing very quick, i think i like this light? root was coming out the bottom so i boiled the hydron filled up my bucket with water (cleaned it first) ph seems to be okay, havent added nutes yet, going to let the water sit open for 24hours just to be safe, this time isn't distilled it's tapwater with brita filter but i did ph and it read a yellow value...checked again and still the same, 5.8 or 6.0 idk..... like i said ill let it stay open for another day then start the air pump :D
    if anyone is reading this and knows how much water i should put in lemme know!
    does the rockwool need to be out of the water?
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  6. I waited for my seedlings to be bigger than that. Till i had about 5 roots coming out.
    1 inch hydroton then rockwool. Fill rest and cover rockwool with hydroton.

    I started with water about a 2-3 cm from bottom of net pot. Then dropped water level down so its about an inch or more below net pot once roots were showing out the bottom

  7. Rockwool should be out of the water, the bottom of your net pot should be about an inch or 2 away from the water. 
    Stick with just water for the first week or so, until you have a solid root in the water, then add half strength nutes, the following week add a bit more if they responded well, and by week 4 or 5 you should be at full strength. Always aim for 5.8 for pH, bu 5.5-6.0 is acceptable.
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    two reasons it's already in the bucket, 1) autos don't like stress, don't like to be transplanted, get it done as quickly as possible, 2) autos have a long tap root, itll grow straight down i think so i want to get it in buckets asap, too bad the sister will have to wait....
    Awesome, thank you guys so much :D my second skunk mass seed popped out of the ground on the 23 and might be growing faster? maybe:O friday i'll grab a second bucket
  9. My second seedling is almost ready for transplant. Its about the same size as the photo you had. Will probably wait a bit longer though. Loves the hot house
  10. Second auto skunk mass seed is growing quick, the tap root is getting obnoxious at the bottom but it's still not payday, so im gonna double up the grodan cube for the time being, i imagine thats better than preventing the massive taproot from digging deep, plus the grodan cube the seed was planted in is shit, its like splitting in half so idk i'll take a picture soon....
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    so friday i got my second bucket, went to same store and paid the same price but the dwc system is way better, 12L instead of 10L (12L is 3Gal i believe).because slightly bigger bucket its got a better net lid system than first, much bigger air stone. I also bought PH down for 10$, i'm gonna hold off until next pay then order some shit online and that'll finish my tent.... oooh i got a 6inch inline fan, 435CFM which is retardedly strong for my tent, the second i turn it on (which is fucking loud because its so powerful) my tent walls get sucked in its so funny, i'll be buying a dimmer for it soon, i figure a 3x3x5 prob needs like what? 100CFM? :p
    next pay i'll buy the carbon filter, would like a digital ph meter, need some flowering nutes, and not sure the deal with autos, do i just wait until i see it start flowering then apply flowering nutes as it says? do i switch to hps at the same time? i'm keeping 18/6 the whole cycle right? unless they don't flower automatically? i know 20/4 is better but the heat in my room is crazy soo...
    June 28 midnight

    image.jpg image.jpg

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    First clone!
    i'm up to 3 rooted clones so far all from same plant, the keralaxskunk i think! tossed out the others, before i did i gently pulled thwm out and there was no sign of roots so fuck it, i have tons of seeds waiting to go so....
    also outside i had a Kush van stitch but i think bugs topped it really early, so i ignored, i pulled inside last night and lst'd there's no signs of flowering yet but we'll see, pics coming soon
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    6/30 11am
    auto skunk mass seed 1 - loving life
    auto skunk mass seed 2 - a couple days delayed & no visable roots yet and you can see why it needs a fan.....
    kush van stitch i think? bugs topped early last night i lst'd the two parts that grew since bugs ate...
    clone roots

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  14. Looking good
  15. i don't have a ppm meter, any easy way to tell if i can add more nutes to my res?
  16. Errr.. bit hard i think.

    Order ebay $15 one
  17. you could technically be able to grow without a meter but your just guessing on the strength. one of the main advantages of hydro is you can give the exact strength that the plant is using at any given time. not spending £10 on a meter is doing yourself an incredible injustice. you need a meter to figure out what the plant is currently using
  18. thanks guys, i'll buy it next pay

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