Dwc roots turning brown (hydroton ?)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by doken125, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hii guys, really need a second opinion here.

    3 days ago i noticed that some parts of my roots turned brown, however the tips of these brown roots are all frozen white, aswell as 90% of my roots ?

    Using Calcium hypochlorite at 2ppm against pathogens

    I cleaned out my rez last night and i noticed brown dust on the bottom of my rez, could it be the hydroton dust turning my roots brown ? Plant itself turns out perfect and is growing strong without drooping/wilting/nute defs
    Much thanks ! 20170806_203617.jpg
  2. If I had to guess not enough air or temps in Rez too high both will cause problems more so in flower I would suggest fixing this asap temps above I believe 60 below 68 degrees Fahrenheit hope this helps and lots of air also

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  3. Temps in rez are in fact too high i know, but for the moment i don't have the money to keep my rez cool (chiller) but i'm using cal hypo at 2ppm
  4. It's super easy to keep temps low in dwc put your air pump outside your grow room or inside your intake if you use AC it's really simple make sure air pump is pumping cold air in the rez bam perfect temp I did this with a lot of success many times but brown roots if the deadly paracite that causes root rot I would do something about it asap

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  5. In fact, i allready connected a hose to the intake of my industrial airpump, and that hose is directed in the intake, as long as it gets outside my grow tent :p i'm really unsure if this is rot or just hydroton dust
  6. You will Kno when it's gets slimy there's several teas and or h2o2 that I would run for a week or two if they look anything other than bright white it's not normal at all and your supposed to clean hydroton before use so it doesn't affect your pH also supposed to soak it in I think 5.5 pH water with micro nutes

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  7. roots are dying, thats not just brown. empty and clean the bucket then use H2O2(peroxide) at 3ml per gallon for a bit. BDC pretty much covered it but heat will kill your roots fast and give you bacteria and pest problems, and you gotta wash the hydroton before use.
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  8. OK guys, after reading all yr answers and thinking abou them, i decided to waut a couple more days and do nothing, while constantly monitoring my rootzone. I did this just to be sure it is root rot cause it would rapid develop by then. But after a couple days i realised that my freshly topped plant was showing no other or new symptoms ? i looked at my root zone, and there were just new roots growing, even from the roots that appeared to have root rot, they even branched out further and since the roottips were allways white ? The pictures below show my rootzone/plant 4 days later after being topped, what do you guys think ? i'm guessing there was no root rot ? or it just stopped... i'm really confused now 20795013_1345933665526344_364930217_o.jpg 20771953_1345935662192811_728057855_o.jpg 20806572_1345935648859479_148451924_o.jpg
  9. Hey y'all
    I'm having this issue with one clone and two 2.5 wk old sprouts. I'm using hydroton, flora micro and Vermont water. I know the water here is hard, but I'm getting the "red dust" symptom on my root ends and one of my sprouts is yellowing her first leaves and one root is slightly mushy. I sterilized everything before use and have researched this extensively,. I'm on a 16/8 with a 300w LED.

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