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DWC root growth help

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Swami, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Now I have done several successful DWC grows and have the basics down pretty well, but here is my problem.

    The plant in my bubble bucket turned out to be a male so I tossed it. I had another plant growing in lava rock in a quart-sized container hempy-style that I transplanted about a month ago.

    Now she is fine and healthy on top, but growing super slow. Only two long roots made it into the reservoir. Hell, my babies in another bucket some 5 weeks younger have more vigorous root growth.

    PH and PPM are fine. Hydrogen peroxide has been added to a fresh reservoir change.

    I am wondering if I drop the water level way down to force her to drink will help. The only other options I can think of is to take her completely out of the rocks and bucket and cut the roots back to stuimulate fresh growth or just let her go to maturity knowing she will be a runt.

    Any ideas?
  2. lowering the water level doesnt force them to drink

    why did you add H2O2?

    never cut back healthy root growth.

    move the light closer if you want her to drink more. Shell need to bring in more water to cool her leaves. you say Ph and PPM are fine but whats your version of "fine"? :)

    and lets see some pics :)
  3. some plants grow more roots some less if the above ground growth is healthy then u should be fine

    also u could add a supplement GH rapidstart will give you massive root growth
  4. you cant really go putting a hydro plant into soil :/ use this as your learning curve and fix it. That way itll be under your belt if it ever happens again
  5. aside from what they said, next go round get some root starter and some good enzymes in that water and x out the peroxide.

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