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  1. Now when i want to change nutrients. Do i need to have a drain at bottom and way to refill without moving plant? or can i take top off put on a spare 5gallon bucket while i do the swap? or how does it work>
  2. Either way, but moving them gets hard when they get big so I'd suggest a drain and a way to fill :)
  3. lol damn i guess i need to figure out a way to do that then lol
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    Check out a hydro store for a drain and in all honesty I'd look at just a funnel or something to fill it. trust me on this one, keep it simple! Lol
  5. i wouldnt move plant can harm roots and light will hurt roots also you can install a drain at the bottom drill a hole and add a grommet a elbow fitting and a piece of tubing going straight up that will keep the water from draining until you move the tubing down most hydro store will sell you this stuff as it comes with pro systems
  6. Ok i seen video how to set up Drain . but what do u guys drain into since its gotta be on ground. Also how do u fill 5 gallon buckets?
  7. I fill mine one gallon at a time from the tap. Lol! As far as a drain just find a way to raise the bucket, maybe use a chair our something and then drain into a spare bucket
  8. you can raise the bucket for drain or drain into a tray/casserole dish top fill with a funnel until full i drain every two weeks and flush with two water fills the second fill of water comes out as clear as going in this prevents nute lockout
  9. Try setting the bucket on a couple if cinder blocks or something, make sure it's stable, and just drain into as big a tupperware tub as will fit for under it to drain into. The pain in the ass will be filling it only because you gotta be careful not to spill any nutrient solution on the leaves when pouring into your funnel...hmmmm, high idea...a BRAND NEW CLEAN gas can has spout that is flexible...that might be and idea. Mix your nutrients in that then use a pre-cut hole in the lid you can easily cover and fill from there. Just an idea

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