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  1. Hi folks, I need some help with my 2 plants. It’s my first grow so I still have much to learn you know.

    I’m 6 weeks in with 2 northern lights auto, dwc, triple fox farm nutes plus cal-mag.

    One of my plants is giving a hard time since week 3 in, it bottom leafs started to turn brown as you can see in the first photo. I thought it might be a overfeeding so I cut the nuts and 4 week was good, but then 5-6 weeks I’m having this issue again but my nutes are low so don’t know what to do anymore. What could that be? Now (photo 2) almost all leafs are like the ones in the first photo I’m about to loose the plant, what can I do now? Is it a deficiency or toxicity?

    My second plant always have received the same nutes as my first plant but never show me any trouble with nutes, it’s much bigger then the first plant but now after 6 weeks it started to give me hard time. I cut the nutes just a little bit from last week as I started to see burning in the leafs, now the upper leafs are like photo 3 and the bottom leaf is like photo 4. Maybe I cut too much the nutes? Should I add more?

    Sorry my bad English but can someone help me out with this issues??

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  2. It's impossible to know what's going on without more data from you.
    What is your ppm (or EC)?
    What's the pH?
    What kind of water?
    Lights and distance?

    Almost all hydro problems are from over-feeding, wrong pH, or CalMag need.
    There is almost never a need to adjust anything else.
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  3. About my small plant that’s the trouble one since forever hahahaha
    I check the PH twice per day so it’s not the problem I keep it between 5.7-5.9 all growing. My tap water ppm is 170 after I add the nutes is about 300ppm or a bit less now. I was keeping it in 400-500ppm but this problem started and when I added only ph water it stopped so I thought I was using too much nutes, but now I’m not sure anymore. The roots are weak and breaking very easily.

    I’m running hipargero 800w lights and not sure of the distance so I’ll add a photo (photo 1)

    About my biggest plant that only started give me problems now I’ll add more photos too (photos 2 and 3). Tap water starts 170 then after nutes is 350 ppm a little more then the other always as this plant is the double size of the other. But I think with this one I didn’t add enough nutes cuz when was 450ppm it was better looking then now.

    Both plants 6 weeks in (autoflowering).

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  4. this is why I use ro water, canna nutes with emerald harvest calmag and silica - all natural and no problems ever
  5. What's up friend by triple fox farm nutes do you mean the fox farm trio set?
  6. Yes.
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  7. Your plants look really well..I grow in dwc currently and I get spots like this too I have always thought the rust spots looked like a Calcium problem
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  8. My biggest plant looks ok, but is not totally ok cuz is not just the spots anymore now by the leafs it looks like a deficiency or toxicity. I’m changing nutes right now and adding some more then last time let’s see how plant will reacts. Hope it backs to normal cuz the other plant I have it’s looking terrible.

    About the other plant I’ll add photos for you if you could have a look and tell me what’s wrong I’ll be grateful. It started in the bottom leafs but now is all over my plant I really sure I’ll lost it if no doing something right now.

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  9. Which one looks like cal-mag problem? The one with brown spots or the one looking all burned? Cuz the one that looks all burned everytime I add nutes it gets worse then when I add only water gets better I really don’t know what to do with this little one I’ve just chance the nutes or better I’ve add no nuts let it with pure ph water and will wait 1-2 days to see what’s going to happen besides I need more time to search infos.
  10. If your tap water is 170 ppm, and after adding nutes, the solution is 300 ppm, then the nutes are only 130 ppm, and there's no telling what that 170 ppm is, and whether there are other impurities that don't affect ppm.

    Having nearly half of your ppm be caused by unknown stuff is dangerous.
    I tried tap water about a year ago, with ppm similar to yours, and the plants had problems until I switched back to RO water.

    I'd guess that those plants need around 400 ppm now, above and beyond that unknown 170 ppm.
    If you decide to increase nutes, do it slowly over several days.
    Plants can be burned by sudden nute increases up to a ppm that wouldn't harm them after they get used to it.
  11. I started to add nutes very slow, but then I started to have problems with one of the plants (the smallest now all burned) and checking the ppm everyday I could notice that the range wasn’t changing so I thought the plants were no needing more cuz they were not consuming it. From week 4 to now I kept the range 250-300 for the smallest and 350-400ppm for the biggest. My bigger only show me problems today and I do think is cuz of low nutes so I’ve just add some more and will see what’s going to happens. But my small plant since end week 3 begging of week 4 started to show me burning in the bottom leafs and everytime I add only ph water this burning stopped then still week 4 I add less nute when changed water and for 2 days was ok but then again this burn marks appears so I add 4L only ph water and was fine again. Don’t know what’s happening cuz me ppm is very low and even so this burning still here.
  12. I had the same issues aswell, the rusty brown spots.
    And my tap water is only 70ppm.
    To me it went away as the plant got bigger and i upped cal-mag just ever so slightly, running lucas formula with GHE 3 part(using only micro and bloom).
  13. I agree, definitely looks like an issue with calcium with the rusty colored splotches appearing in between veins. What dose Calmag are you using?...If you're not already using the maximum recommended dose, I would start. Just be careful, Calmag can cause N toxicities. That's why I use CaliMagic...just a little less nitro then some calmag products. I almost forgot to mention, rasing your PH to 6.0-6.2 can aid your plant in uptaking calcium...I've had plants that showed symptoms even with a full dose of calmag, and would only stop once I upped the PH. Good luck buddy.
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  14. ^yup and yup.... lets us know how it turns out. May help someone in the future.

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