Dwc plumbing problem.

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  1. Hey guys I'm in week 4 of flower with two 4 month old veged plants which roots are getting so full in side the 5 gallon buckets that the water isn't draining out the bottom.

    I'm looking for solutions. I'm using 3/4" hull fittings top n bottom. I was thinking on getting a threaded t and throwing on a preferated hose so it'll hold the roots back.

    Any other recommendations? I'll be swapping out the bottom drains for 1-1½" hull fittings for next flower cycle but for now I need a quick fix.
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    How about using some pantyhose at the drain? Doubled over, I don't think roots will have much a chance. Other ideas include:

    Botanicare Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit with 2 Extensions

    PVC Bulkhead Low-Profile Strainer
    which can be conveniently wrapped in your favorite brand of panty hose.

    oh I didn't mean the ebb and flow thing, I meant this:

    Try "Botanicare Ebb & Flow Screen Fitting"
    I think they are like 50c or so (Part Number: 708554)
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  3. That last one was what I was thinking of but longer.. The roots are so plenty that they just smother the hole restricting the water. I probably have 3.5 gallons of root mass pushing down in a 5 gallon bucket.

    I didn't anticipate the roots being so dense or I would of went with 1" or maybe 1¼". And used ball valves to control water level... Next time but for now I got some looking to do to see what places around town have something like that.
  4. Trust me all i grow in dwc/rdwc and none of the above has worked for me, roots grew through panty hose, mesh net, screens and made things alot worse, the only temp fix that worked for me is adding another air stone placing both air stone in front of pipe, by the way i was using 1 1/2" all around. 3 inch pipe was my only peace of mind after harvest. Just have to ride it out until you chop, get at least a 3 inch pipe for drain or return and you wont ever have to worry again.
  5. An old fashioned siphon using plastic tubing might help, depending on fluid level.
    A battery powered siphon pump is a good thing to have for emergencies:

    A hardware store might have them.
  6. well... I tried. I placed my bulk head about 1/4" from the bottom of a 5G pail. The roots can get in there, but I can push them back through with my pinkie, which usually does the trick. Not DWC, just drippers and a reservoir drain. I was going to order some of the above mentioned strainers, but after reading Calyx-o's response, I may just not bother. Let me know what you works.
  7. I took and made a snorkle sort of , pvc pipe with drilled holes, attach to fitting and solved
  8. Oh hey, I remembered this week I used to line the inside of my buckets with a bit of landscaping fabric; you may want to try that out (next time i mean).

    this stuff:

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