DWC: Plants Droopy after Res Change

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  1. I did a res change on my girls that i just put into flowering, and bumped from 1/4str lucas formula to 1/2str. Also I filled the res a bit higher than I normally would, right up to the bottom of the net cup. Another factor is that my PH meter is broken so I essentially mixed the nutes, and put a guesstimate of how much PHdown to make it right, and i'm thinking this is my mistake because i have 3 separate reservoirs and 2 are fine and 1 is full of droopy, ready-to-die looking plants.

    So are droopy plants a sign of ph too low or too high? Or could it just be some type of shock that they will get over soon?

    I have pics but idk where my camera cable is, I'll hunt it down if necessary.
  2. ...apparently this has never happened before

    anyway, i just changed the res again. hopefully they will spring back up. it's been about 1hr since i did that and they are still in pretty bad shape
  3. I dunno but I do know that when I add my nutes it takes my tap water from 8 to 4. I would never feed them that or my tap water without a PH Balancer. You can buy them from a local pet store.

    Guesstamating is hard since a little to much can throw it way over.
  4. without checking the ph its hard to say, we'd be guessing just as much as you were, ph is one of the most important factors in a hydro system and just guessing can lead to problems, why didn't you keep the nutes at 1/4th? i'd think it'd be easier to guess the ph with a dosage you've used previously
  5. i've done this before and i'm usually pretty good at it. i thought if there was an issue with ph, my leaves would start yellowing or curling, not just completely droop over within hours.

    with the new res change i'm quite positive i'm in the 5.5-6.4 range but they haven't perked up yet. they're in dark period right now

    i'll buy a ph meter tomorrow if this is still going on.

    btw, i bumped it up to 1/2 because i just transitioned to flowering. i usually go 1/4 through veg, switch to 1/2 when i start flowering, and the next res change go full strength until flush time
  6. the plants are very strong at the bases of the stems and are very firm until they just fold over at the tops. almost like i supercropped every single branch.
  7. update i just peeked on them, they still look far from healthy but the tops aren't completely limp anymore!

    the main tops seem to be fighting their way back up! things may be okay!!!

    the secondary branches are still completely wilted over, but we'll see.
  8. A few weeks ago i had a clone in my grow shed and the top of the plant drooped over like you described. There were 2 problems with the plant.
    A: it was root bound, badly as they were given to me and i didnt have a pot to transplant.
    B: the tent had gotten really hot that day.
    I transplanted outside in my garden amd they perked right up.

    Question. What kind of thermometer do you have? Does it keep a record of high/low temps or is it just a regular thermometer? Cause when i noriced the problem the temp was at 73F but the high temp record scored a 104F... so its good to have a decent thermometer.

    I believe i read ur res temp was around 80?
    Dwc res temps are supposed to be below 72F or else problems start.
    A healthy dose of hydroguard would help especially with high temps.

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

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  9. Hi here I am 7 years later wondering how that turned out for you because the exact same thing is happening to me and I’m wondering if they’re salvagable lol
  10. Tag me if you've got a journal mate I'll have a look

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