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  1. I have raised a train wreck from a sick baby to a beautiful adult and put her into flower a bit over a week ago. Suddenly every single leaf has gone completely limp and are now starting to die off from the bottom up. The Ph suddenly shot way up so I changed out the res water with properly ph'd water but she does not seem to be recovering at all. I have her under T5 lighting on a 12/12 schedule and am using earth juice bloom food. There are also two airstones for plenty of oxygen. The leaves are still very green but just hanging on the plant. The Ph is now a bit below 6. I am desperate to save her. Should I replace her water with plain, properly adjusted water and use a foliar food? I had none of these problems with my last plant in dirt and until now had no problems with this one either. Please help! Thank you in advance :)
  2. How does the root system look? Is it still white and healthy looking?
  3. the roots have taken on a tan color but are not slimy. I am at a loss.
  4. [quote name='"leo9"']the roots have taken on a tan color but are not slimy. I am at a loss.[/quote]

    I know Gh micro can make some ppls roots brown. Keep a close watch for root rot.

    *I know your not using gh but possibly have dark color to what you use.
  5. Some pics would help
  6. It is impossible to be for certain without detailed pics of the plants and its root systems. A sudden wilt could be the dreaded Furasarium(sp?) Wilt, but also could be root rot. I am not sure if you can use Peroxide in a hydro system, I used Peroxide as a flush when my plant had root rot in soil and it fixed it right up. (Literally an overnight recovery)
  7. I am wondering if it is a Ph issue since the day it happened it has spiked very high..I check it very frequently .... and do you mean regular peroxide? Like the kind from the grocery store?
  8. This is the same symptom as a plant that's "overwatered" Technically, you cant overwater a plant, but if there's too much water, it's blocking the roots from breathing oxygen, thus suffocating the plant. In effect, the same thing is happening here.

    You need more air. Not just more airstones. You should have at LEAST 1watt of airpump power per gallon of water in your system. (so if you're in a 5 gallon bucket, probably 4-5 watts of airpump, minimum!

    I'd add an additional pump, or two to your reservoir, ASAP. Agitating the water increases surface area at the water surface, allowing the water to absorb much more oxygen.

    Yes, this is a PH issue. But PH doesn't spike for no reason. The more dissolved oxygen in your nutes, the higher the PH will go. The less dissolved oxygen in your water, the lower your PH goes. If you get root rot, it will turn quickly. Adding peroxide won't fix anything, only buy you a little time. You need more bubbles/air movement.

    Also, monitor the nute temp. If it goes over 70f, you're asking for more trouble.

    1) Flush roots/reservoir with clean water
    2) Add fresh new nutes, at half strength no additives, PHd correctly.
    3) Add more airpump ASAP!
    4) You should notice a perk up within an hour or two, and if it lives, the new growth should be good to go in a day or two.

    Let us know how it goes! Work quick!!
  9. thanks for the information...the air pump is a big double line one that was originally for a 50 gal fish tank...would I be better if removing the airstones and just letting it bubble like mad? so far it has most of its leaves and the tops are trying to perk up. I will put up some pics as soon as I can. I cannot lose this plant! I am going to prepare a bucket of water and nutes and let it sit over night since its lights are currently off or would it be alright to bring her into the light briefly for water changing? I am using Earth Juice Bloom for nutes but I also have access to fox farm bloom. tomorrow I will get a thermometer for the water though I don't think it gets overly hot. I want to be sure though....and what is the best pH? I try and keep it at or a bit below 6..but if that is still too high then I will alter that. She is a beauty that I rescued when my brother tried to throw her away. I MUST save her
  10. No chance someone poisoned her?
    The fact that the ph shot way up..then the sudden wilt and now it wont recover..sounds suspect doesnt it?
  11. no that is not likely it is just my daughter and I here and my brother. She is in a safe and secure environment
  12. she is trying to recover since the tops are looking better but sun leaves are still droopy. I think I just have not hit on the proper treatment for her. I will post some pics as soon as I can. I am going to pull her into dim lighting so I can change the res and nutes and see if I can bring her back a bit faster. I do not want to wait until the lights come back on.
  13. Thats good..i bought a hydro dwc bucket and broke the spigot on the bucket before I ever got to use it..now I have a really expensive water aerating bucket..dam..
  14. oh damn! that sucks. so do you think it would be alight if I brought her out of the darkness to change her water etc? I do not really want to mess with her schedule but at this point I am game for anything that will help in the long run

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