DWC or RDWC for noob?

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  1. Ive been spending a significant amount if time looking into hydro for my next grow, but im not sure where to start. I want to have 4x 5gal dwc buckets and eventually up to 9. 4x veg, 4x flower, and 1x clones for a perpetual grow, but that wouldnt be until I really get a handle on this stuff. What would any of you recommend for someone whose never grown anything in dwc before? Im thinking of RDWC since it would seem simoler to change and monitor one main res rather than 4 separate buckets, buy I have very little knowledge other than watching yt videos.
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  2. Honestly, its all up to your strain and genetics. Some plants prefer to drink alot (DWC) while other plants prefer to breathe alot (Aeroponics). If you don't know what strain you'll be growing next, figure that out first and it'll help narrow down the options.

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  3. If you really want to do 9 buckets, I'd lean towards RDWC. However, you'd need 2 systems to veg/flower if you were looking to do a perpetual harvest. 9 buckets can be a hell of a lot of work. Before totally committing, I'd suggest trying 1 out first.

    But... I veg in 8, 5 gallon buckets - and thanks to Hydroguard, I don't change the rez at all during veg - just top off fresh nutes/RO as needed - and I no longer care about rez temps.

    I take the 6 best and move them to my RDWC to flower in there.
  4. Don't....stick with soil. If you have no grow experience or understanding of the plant and how it grows, matures, etc., starting out with a hydro grow could really cause you some problems. I think it's always best to grow a few in soil just so you get some basics down about the plant. But that's just my two cents worth. Good luck in whatever you decide to go with. Also, to flower 4 plants you need enough space for each to spread during flower and even high wattage/proper spectrum light for all 4. You shouldn't have to hang the light high just to cover your plants. If that's the case, you need more lights. Too many new growers don't understand exactly how much light it takes to get one of these plants to produce the way you want and stuff the flower space full of plants which just crowds out and shades out light and growth. What doesn't get good light is not going to develop out correctly so cramming your space full is not going to get optimum yields. Flowering less plants and giving those optimal conditions gets you the best weight at harvest per plant. Happy Growing. TWW
  5. Another thing to consider about DWC - especially RDWC. Leaks are an eventuality. With RDWC, your system volume goes up a whole lot - my 6 plant RDWC is 56 gallons with an additional 60 gallons top off rez. I have had both rez's flood my basement. Luckily, I'm above the water table.
  6. hmm thanks for the i put. ill most likeley start with one and if it goes well i will upgrade to two for veg/flower. see how that goes for a while since my lighting isnt up to par yet either.

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  7. If you have no hydro experience then start with Coco. Get a feel for the medium. After a few grows and ups and downs go towards dwc or rdwc. You'll go into it with experience.

    However, if you can afford to f up a few crops then go straight into it. But you gotta leave the soil habits behind. At least some of soil best practices. They won't translate. Same if you go from Coco to soil. For example
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  8. Coco is hydroponics - just a different type - DTW.
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  9. Yup. But way more forgiving. No need to worry about pumps. Keeping a res pristine. Baby sitting in the beginning till roots hit the water. It's less hands on
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  10. Agree with Mick foster I'd start with coco coir (perlite) mixed .

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