DWC nute deficiency??

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  1. Whats up Blades?? ok so here it goes. Planted about 2 1/2 weeks ago, transplanted about 2 weeks about into DWC unit (5gal). Just water for the first 2 weeks and This saturday i added 1 tablespoon of Fox Farm Grow Big to the 3 1/2 gals of water in the res. I have kept a very good eye on the ph, which starts at 5.5 and rises to about 6.2 then i bring it back. I have done tones of reaserch and i just cant figure out what is wrong with my plant. I feel like it could be Calcium, or maybe Phosphorus?

    NOTE: about 3 days ago i was changing the res and I broke a branch off of this plant

    Symptoms: Upper Growth: Yellowing in streaks, small redish and gray spots, downward curling leaf set. Middle Growth: Small redish spots, tips maybe curling downward. Bottom Growth: one leaf is very yellow and has dead tips

    Picture 1: upper growth Picture 2: yellow lower leaf Picture 4: downward curling upper leaf set Picture 5: reddish spots middle leaf

    All help is appreciated thanks!!:D

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  2. Yo anybody got any advice, the last thing I want is for this little lady to die due to me not being able to get the correct info. Let rally blades and fix this plant

    Thanks Happy Growing
  3. HIGH All, how far are your net pots in your Solution? Are they sitting in it or above it?
  4. The net pots are about 1 in above the water in the res. The temp of the water in the res is in the 70s
  5. honestly people!!:mad: this is a discusion forum, were you discuss the topics that are brought up. Now I know for a fact some of you more experienced growers now the answers to theses questions. Im not asking for you to write a 12 page thesis paper on how i fucked up my plants, alls im asking for is a mere sec of your time to try and help this beautiful plant from perishing. So with that being said, Happy Growing and Thanks
  6. It could be plenty of things. Maybe you did not let the nutes mix enough in the res. Un mixed nutes will kill roots. Your ph seems to fluxuate alot. As long as you don't use more that 3ml Per gal PH down (even over the course of 5 weeks) you can rule out too much Up/down.

    if you use that grow big only , your not following the fox farms feeding schedule. Maybe look into feeding with something that is'nt geared toward getting you to buy 8 different nutes to maintain proper nutrient levels. Something like Pure Blend Pro with cal-mag , or Floranova Grow/bloom. These are all stand alone nutrients.
  7. Ok so I get where your coming from but is there anything im able to do that will bring my plant to a healthier state? if so how should i go about doing this and what materials will i need? I am not only using Fox Farm Grow Big i do have the trio and if anyone has any suggections with that, that would be much appreciated!

    Thanks Happy Growing
  8. I'm not a fan of airgaps myself. are your roots dropping in the nutrient solution. Do any roots look like they are brown /dying. Do the roots look better in the air gap , or under water in the nutrient solution?

    hell more bubbles never hurts ;) It won't fix anything though.
  9. \
    yeah all my roots are looking beautiful ill try and get a pic up in a few mins.
  10. Your problems look Nute/PH related. Your atmospheric conditions looks good , plant is'nt burning , if the roots are not dying. Try switching up your nutes. FloraNovagrow and FNB are personal favorites. Stick to something proven that does'nt leave room for error. Try to focus on more simpler aspects of growing like Air movement , temperature , and oxygen levels in the root zone.

    Take a look at this thread , it's done more for me than I could ever explain.
    Ask Lucas - Cannabis-World

    Lucas knows his shit.
  11. Yeah im deffinitly going to take a look at those lucas threads! but yeah i just keep coming back to trying to figure out what nute defficency it is and how to fix it. I was at the store today and was this close to buying some cla mag in hopes it might fix my little girl, but my wallet said otherwise due to lack of moneys:mad:. Hopfully soon i will figure this whole thing out. Thanks alot for your imput, im going to def look into floranovagrow and fnb

    Happy Growing
  12. heres the most recent pics my bad

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  13. OK so i was reading lucus and i stumbled apon somthing about adding tomuch ph leading to a P overdose or somthing and the symptoms seemed pretty close to mine. What do you guys think heres the LINK. And if you feel like this might be the cause of my problems, what should i do about it and what materials might i need to buy.

    Thanks Happy Growing
  14. Simply clean out their reservoirs and give them fresh water, nutes and pH adjusters (obviously not a lot). Sounds like it would do the trick if you have too much pH up or down in the solution.

    I hope they recover well! Keep us updated.
  15. ok blades update. I just change my res with ph distilled water about 3 gals or so. Then I added some FF Grow Big and some FF Big Bloom both at 1/4 strength. I guess now i just have to wait and see how she turns out. Ill keep you guys updated and get pictures up a little later tonight. thanks a lot for all your help.

    Happy Growing
  16. You pre-mixed and bubbled your new res before adding it to the root zone right?
  17. i pre mixed the nutes, but i didnt bubble the new water prior to entering my plants back into the DWC, should i have done this. And is it a really big problem if i didnt?
  18. Did you presoak your Rockwool?? Cover up your rockwool! Having the top of your rockwool exposed is dangerous son, if you got an HID light that can dry out the roots in the cube. And if you didn't presoak your rockwool cube, that could be some of your problem. I didn't presoak mine and gave me hella troubles.
  19. 3 month old post....
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