DWC New Leaves Yellow in Middle (pics)

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    Hi All,

    This is my first grow in approx week 4 of veg and I have noticed over the last 5-6 days the new growth, although very prolific and fast are yellowish-green in the middle. You can see the lower leaves where they are starting to green up but it seems a bit off to me. As well I included a pic of some brown spots on one of the fan leaves.

    Any suggestions would be great and here is some of the basic stats as I can recall:

    DWC 5 gallon
    Hydroton Medium
    600w MH
    *Guinness 3-part Nutrients *(Hydro store sold it to me and I can't find any info on this brand anywhere but I have other plants which are doing perfect with this nut) I have been following the feeding schedule and although it stops after 2 weeks veg and continues into an 8 week flower schedule, I have been sticking to the 2nd week veg schedule until I flip them.
    Dark Energy - 1/2 tsp per gallon.
    2 Air stones per Tub (approx. 40GPH per tub)
    Water temp usually around 65-72 deg F. depending on light/dark.
    PH ~5.8. (Tap Water ~6.8 which I then add Nutrients then PH Down as needed)
    Lights ~18" from canopy (cooling tubes are being used)

    I was first thinking that because the plant is growing so fast (DWC is amazing), that I think the leaves are just a little behind in photosynthesis process (if I read correctly before). I have other DWC plants which are smaller but showing no signs of this or at least much less of a sign so maybe this one, as it is larger is eating through the nutrients faster and could possibly be just a deficiency?

    I wish I could check PPM levels (Sorry getting a PPM meter in a week) but like I said if anything you see jumps out at you please feel free to say.


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  2. Sorry,

    Here's the pic of the brown spots I forgot in the last post:
    Also, the strain is Lemon Skunk.

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  3. looks like root rot. root rot can cause some weird burn like symptoms along with a strange yellowing. it can also cause your pH to rise.

    using enzymes helps slow the progression of the root rot.

    you can use H202 to get rid of it. make a solution of 20mL/gal of grocery store purchased hydrogen peroxide. soak your roots in it for about 30min-1 hour, than put it back in its original resivour. make sure you clean the original resivour thoroughly before putting your clean roots back in there.

    good luck :smoke:
  4. watch your nute dose, in DWC you usually want your mix to be far less consecrated than standard feeding, with my DWC in veg I don't go over 600ppm that is usually thirds..so if my bucket gets 3.5 gals to fill to desired height i'm only running about enough nutes for 1.5 gals! for flower i'll go to 800ppm than slowly push to about a G! PH is key and daily checks of the bucket try not to let the water drop much. try reducing your nutes. people are always trying to push there ladies and sometimes they push back..will post a pick in a bit of my bucket!
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  5. Thanks for the replies. Wanted to first say I don't think it is rot as the roots have no slime or smell to speak of. My micro and dark energy nuts are quite dark in color and I think it is just a residue left behind as it comes off clean and watery.

    I did an emergency nutrient change last night with 2nd week nutrient schedule (leaving out the dark energy additive), woke up this morning and didn't see much of a change negative or positive but I am hoping over the next couple days the new growth darkens up a bit and I don't cause a lockout or whatnot.

    I completely understand how people probably get frustrated with people who ask for help who don't own ppm meters as it really is like shooting in the dark especially go a new grower who can't read a plant's signs, but I know that any advice is always appreciated.
  6. are you running full strength nute's? trust me if you are you will be stressing them out, roots look fine if you ask me as well..tune down the nutes and ph to 5.8-.9 and your money..hey i have never posted pics how do you do it, want to show you my bitches!
  7. [quote name='"diegodog"']are you running full strength nute's? trust me if you are you will be stressing them out, roots look fine if you ask me as well..tune down the nutes and ph to 5.8-.9 and your money..hey i have never posted pics how do you do it, want to show you my bitches![/quote]

    Yeah I was going along with the guidelines on the bottles for 2nd week veg (last week it advised before flowering strength) but I added dark energy 1/2 tsp per gallon the last couple bucket changeovers and if it is overfed I think it may be the culprit so like I said earlier I remixed an cleaned out everything and hopefully I will see some improvement it at least new growth that isn't so light in color

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