DWC + LED Rainbow Kush (Master Kush x Hindu Kush)

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  1. Hello fellow psychonauts. I'm back and am starting my first grow journal and will be providing periodic updates. This is my first shared grow since the demise of Overgrow. Please be patient as I get back into the swing of things. Now onto some grow details.

    Grow Details
    Strain: 1x Rainbow Kush (Master Kush x Hindu Kush)
    Nutrients: Botanicare Pure Blend Pro
    Additives: Botanicare Hydroguard, Blue Planet Silica
    Medium: Growstones in 6" Net Basket, 3 Gallon Bucket
    Lighting: Mars Hydro LED (900w)
    Other Factors: Chilled Reservoir, Tent Grow, Recirculating DWC

    My goal is to have as highest yield as possible with a single flowering plant, as this is for personal medicine usage only but lets face it, some of us need a rainy day stash.

    She is now 32 days into flower and I will be running her for a full 9-10 weeks and starting the flush at week 7/8. I will let the trichs do the talking, I prefer more amber. Please let me know what you think and any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    rk.jpg rk2.jpg rk3.png

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