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    Hello all going to start my first grow out here in Colorado. Going with DWC system in totes. Got some clones off a buddy of two unknown strains. Cloned the clones in 3 inch net pots, rockwool, and clay pellets. I have a 1000 watt dual mh/hps light, 4 eco air 2 pumps (480 LPH each) two pumps per 30 gallon tote, 8 large stones, 4 submersible 185gph pumps, 4 8 port drip manifolds(for top feed), a t5 2 foot 4 tube light, General Hydroponics PH control kit, General Hydro 3 part nutes, Sm-90, neem oil, 2 6" 240CFM duct fans, tdc meter, and room temp/humidity monitor.
    Did I forget anything?
    Packages have started arriving from Amazon, will post pics when I get it all setup.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated as this is my first grow.
    Grow space is a garage that I will section off with mylar space blankets to make a grow tent. will also attach mylar space blanket to top of tote to reflect the heat and light away from reservoir.
    Are those pumps going to be adequate for 30 gallon totes? total of 960 LPH for about 28 gallons of water.

  2. So I got the first tote setup, the big 30 gallon one there and it kept bowing out on the sides, don't use those in the future, went and bought 15 gallon roughneck tote and bused it. Plants are not doing so hot inside of the dwc. Setup a top feed system yesterday when I moved them from the big tote to the new one. We will see if that gets them darker green again. 310 ppm 5.8 ph 47 ppm from tap. Does that look like nuts deficiency?

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  3. Got to get more air tube so I can move those pumps. The grow area is 8 ft wide 8 ft tall 4 ft deep
  4. Ok so the Commercial Air Pump - 10 Outlets - 85 Liters per Minute - 105 Watts came in and have 3 hoses each of two and 4 going into a third tote with large air stones. Same old story not enough air wasted money on the aquarium type <span>EcoPlus AIR-2 Dual Outlet Air Pump, don't waste your money! I've noticed tons of journals after the fact where they all have had to replace these with commercial grade. But since I got 4 of them I'm using one in a roast pan with 1/2 full of ph'd water and clone portions of nutes for a clo.ning setup, and the other three all going in one tote for a total of 6 large stones in 1 15 gallon tote. I think I fried he leaves with neem oil after seeing some spider mites on a couple leaves I mixed neem oil with water and sprayed them down, and then (rather stupidly) sprayed them down again the next day to make sure I got all those little guys. waited a day noticed all the leave were starting to turn light green, and plants started to wilt. Checked PH still 5.8 ppm around 300. To try to undo this I sprayed Ph'd water onto the leaves and wiped dry. Next day plants looked a bit  in color. While looking into the light green leaves started reading about humidity, and noticed mine was way low, aprox. 28% RH. Went to Arc and bought humidifier $5. Left in on overnight now up to 40%. Temperature fluctuations have also been hitting the plants hard, setup is in a semi-insulated detached garage in COLORADO, where it will be 80 degrees F during the day and 20 at night. Decided to further enclose the area so the humidity would stay in the smaller area and the temp would remain more constant. Thought being if its always hot or always cold there is action I can take to keep it consistently in range. </span>I have about 14 clones in my contraption awaiting roots to then be transferred into the DWC. That's why only 1 tote actually has plants in it. Also I didn't want to kill more trying to figure this out. The 4 in the tote are transferred from soil and never really recovered, think I gave them shock. All of the plants came to me in soil which is why until I figure out WTF I'm doing, the majority are still in soil. New grow on two largest plants has turned light green starting at the base of the leaves and moving out toward tips. Another plant is lime green (way too light) pretty much in its entirety. Not looking good for a start. At least I have the clones to try again if this batch doesn't recover, and clones out here are only about $15 from a dispensary if I kill all the ones I have. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.  Any advice is always appreciated. Will add the pics once phone charges.
  5. your air pumps alone will do the job. See when the air bubbles are pushing moist air it creates an almost aeroponic like system and the roots go crazy. drip lines to the top can introduce contamination and other problems.
    I thought about RDWC and then changed to good old simple DWC.
  6. This is current setup

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  7. So the roots haven't come through the net pots yet so I figured top feed until they can reach the water? Or bad idea?
    But why are the such a bad color?
  8. Babies tend to lag till roots hit soup. its normal. I hand watered the first couple weeks.
  9. gottcha, so should I be worried about the soil one in red pot, it just doesn't look right, very pale
  10. So I took the ones in the bright red pot out and they were root locked and had a tail of about two feet of roots. Cut a hole in the bottom of the net pot and poked them through. Those babies should be some happy campers. Going to replace the water in the Rez today. At this stage what is the recommended nuts level. I'm using gh 3 part and sm-90 to keep bacterial away. Looks like they were previously lacking some mutes at previous level, think I'm going to do 2 tsp per gallon of nutes and lowest recommended sm-90

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    They are about 6 " tall right now, already been mainlined. Got the mamas in super soil. Think I finally figured out nute levels. That was a pain in the ass. I kept getting deficiencies and upping the dosage until they all started going dark. A couple still have recovering to do. Looks like "1" will be going to flower first I'm guessing another two weeks. It's about 6" right now

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  12. Maybe try flushing them and using a lower dosage for the ladies. Maybe start at 1/4 or 1/2

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  13. no need to flush in dwc
    simply dilute with ph'd water to desired ppm ;)
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    ^^^^^ this guy gave me lots of tips on hydro, some very key things that made it easy.
    Listen to him too. :D
  15. [​IMG]
    everything i know on learned here
    so much good information being passed around the city :gc_rocks:
  16. I started with totes then found out that the plants were to close together as they grew so I went with 5 gallon buckets. The totes are great for when the plants are small. 
  17. Ok so the dwc thing got cancelled because I had too many issues with environment to try to learn hydro at the same time so a while back I took them out of the dwc and put them in soil and they all made it through. I also got femmed Jedi kush , blue kush, and not femmed starbud sister ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1422042187.237704.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1422042223.472387.jpg

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  18. That's 1 t5 4' 8 build with half blue, half red bulbs, a 1000watt hps, a 2' 4 bulb t5, as of now they're on week two of flowering. This has been quite the learning curve. Turns out the separate veg area I made in the garage was not going to be able to keep up with the 60 degree temperature swings we can get in one day so I had to veg them all together then combine them to flower together which is why some are a lot bigger than others

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  19. At this point I'm using a 3 part soil mix of happy frog, coco loco, and ocean forest. Fertilizing with cal mag and flora duo, and when I switched to flower started adding Mendocino honey

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  20. This is what they're looking like now, wish I could figure out how to change title to reflect the fact that it is in soil now

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