DWC hrydro with 200 watt cfl sexing?

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  1. Hey, this is my first time ever growing weed. Ive grown plenty of other vegetables and they theyve been turninf out pretty good, however ive never tried to grow anything indoors ever. I have kinda been learning all the diff types of methods of growing weed over the past couple years as a kinda hobby. Decided the cheapest/least mantainance way to go would be to build a Deep Water Culture system under a decent amount of light from a cfl because they basically generate the lowest heat and power consumption(besides LEDs but i cant get a straight answer whether they work or not). I started giving them a 2 part Dutchmaster liquid growth formula at about 3-4 weeks of age, just giving about half the recommended dose. I had 6 growing but 200 watts wasnt enough light for all them so i kinda just resituated the light on the main 4 plants while the other 2 have been slowly dying lol cause ive been to lazy to move them but im gonna do that today. my plants are about 6 weeks old not
    been in the flowering light cycle for about a week to a week and a half and I cant tell whether they are female or not. I wanna say all 4 of them happened to be female cause they all look the same, and im starting to see fat buds growing out the top stem, but if so, then I must have been lucky cause all these seeds were from good bud i got my freshman year in college (all from really good dro, havent gotten any good dro seeds in a loooong time though....kinda weird). The seeds themselves mustve been at least 3 years old before i planted them. Can anyone help me out on sexing these things? Maybe give me some tips on anything I am doing horribly wrong? The plants are still recovering from last week when i went out of town and got my roomate (absolutely no green thumb) to take care of them while i was gone. Looked like some underwatering as well as some serious nute burn.....but theyre getting back to looking better than ever

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  2. a few more pics...

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  3. put some more light on them and you might have a better chance of determining their sex sooneer.
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    I'm not seeing the "fat buds" growing anywhere....can't tell anything yet. Give them another week or so...it will happen. Also, I agree with whiteboy...you need more power. With CFLs, stuff as many in there as you can. Even following the 100w per plant/50 w for each aditional plant rule, you are underpowered. I am assuming you are using soft white CFLs (2700k) also. An easy fix is to get 4 or 5 of the 150w soft white bulbs. They are found at any hardware type store.
  5. Is that straight vermiculite? Save some money and switch to hydroton and/or rockwool.
  6. the 3rd pic in your second post definitely looks like a male.

    they don't start growing "buds" right away really. multipule "balls" with no hairs are boys. look for white hairs on the girls.
  7. You need to spread the light around or add more. I am veg'ing 3 Northern Light plants under 4 4' cool blue tubes I bought at Wal-Mart. My plants are 4 1/2 weeks old and 3-4 times the size of yours. Get yourself a wing spreader for $30ish and mount that light horizontal and maybe add a few spirals inside hoods pointing at each plant from front and back.

    I am also using Dutch Master Adv. series but in Rockwool/Hydroton drip system.

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